Finding Your Private Beach

Finding Your Private Beach

Every country in the world has wonderful beaches. Australia, Mexico, the islands of the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and the isles of Polynesia all boast beautiful and exotic beaches. Florida, California, Hawaii, the Carolinas, and the Gulf of Mexico are havens for U. S. beach goers. Britain, Norway, Denmark, China, and less well known beaches can be a unique experience.

The problem with the best known beaches is that they are the most populated. In the peak season you are lucky if you can find a spot to sit let alone get a chair. Many people feel uncomfortable wearing their skimpiest swim wear in front of thousands. Beach rules, beach police, and rambunctious young people can be annoying and even dangerous.

You have options that avoid the crowds and annoyance of public beaches. You can go private. Having your own private beach is an experience not to be missed. The freedom to do whatever you want and wear anything or nothing can be yours on a private beach.

Swimming can be dangerous. The selection of a private beach should take into consideration your level of fitness and how well you swim.

You have several options in finding a private beach; Many upscale hotels across the world offer private villas with a private beach. The owners of luxuriously lavish homes often rent their homes with full access to the private beach and boating. You can find many cabins on the world’s beaches that are on the water and at least half a mile from your nearest neighbor.

The hotel option allows you all the privacy that you could want without giving up any of the convenience of hotel services. Your beach is usually separated from the rest of the beach by a barrier. The amenities can include accommodations for pets, rooms for children in an area separate from the adults with a nanny, and even servants.

The private home option is lavish. Imagine spending a week in a mansion on the Riviera, Morocco, or Miami. You get to live the lifestyle of the rich and possibly the famous as well without having to pay for it. Most home rentals include access to all of the extras the homes have like pools, saunas, sailing, fishing, and naturally a private beach.

People that rent their homes are cautious and selective in the people that they rent to. You may be required to present identification. You can request a private tour to get an idea of the setting, beach, and to discuss the owner’s expectations of you. Most rental agencies afford you the convenience of a virtual tour of all the beach rentals they have available.

Cabins on the water are a truly unique beach experience. Aruba and many of the islands in Polynesia set the trend toward private cabins on the beach. Most of the hotel-like rooms are on stilts in the water. Access to the beach is accomplished by a pier that connects the cabin to the land.

You can cook your own food or have room service deliver meals in a boat. Most cabins come with a sailboat and a motor boat for fishing, touring, or visiting your neighbors. You get to go as native as you like but still be extremely comfortable and safe with this option.

Private beaches make beach going better. No crowds, superior service, and all the privacy you want make private beach living a restful and romantic option.

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Reviewed by Cherry   April 28, 2016

Private beach is an amazing idea! I can enjoy my holidays without thinking my children are messing everything up there since they have special rooms and nanny. I have to say that I love this idea.

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