Best Beaches to Visit in Rio de Janeiro

Best Beaches to Visit in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is a land which gives you an opportunity to visit and experience different beautiful beaches. Rio de Janeiro is a lively place, entertains thousands of people every day. The beaches remain crowded during Sunday and you find immense ways of entertainment on vacations when a number of people come on the Island tour with their friends and family. Moreover, it’s famous for sporting summer when tourists play friendly matches, dance in the sand and enjoy the  lovely weather. Here are some stunning beaches present in Rio de Janeiro, which will not disappoint you. 

The best beaches to visit in Rio de Janeiro Brazil


The beach is surrounded by the Sugarloaf Mountain while the beach is stretched about four-kilometer area. The beach is the main focus of sun-lovers and those who want to worship under the sunlight.

Local inhabitants come and play various games like volleyball, football and warm their bodies from the sunshine. There are various hotels and bars present around the beach while the enjoyment goes at its maximum when you walk on the mosaic sidewalk. 

Ilaha Grande 

Ilaha Grande is known for its hidden turquoise coves, lush green mountains, and cordial environment which create the best opportunities for adventure and entertainment.

White and shiny sand, mesmerizing landscape and swaying hammocks insist you to explore the beauty of the jungle and island where you even don’t find another soul for hours. Placid water and calm environment keep you bound from the nature. There are several other beaches present near the Ilaha Grande accessible by boat. Lopes Mendes, Azure seas, a glorious crescent of golden sand are some blissful places present nearby the beach. Moreover, you can stay in Sagu Mini Resort.

Flamengo  Beach

Flamengo beach is famous for its suitable environment for exercise and fitness. The stunning beach is present between Catete and Botafoge which are surrounded by three subway stations names as Catete, Largo do Machado.

 Flamengo which link the areas with each other. Moreover, the view of the city from the beach is worth seeing while it’s popular among the sunbathers and fishermen. 

Joatinga Beach

The beauty of Joatinga beach proves it a real jewel of the coast, however, it takes some time and efforts to reach the beach as the waves are strong and high. The beach isn’t suitable for swimmers due to the increased water pressure and it’s the only reason that you find more surfers than swimmers at the beach.

Joatinga entertains fewer tourists as compare to the other beaches which make it a peaceful place for relaxing the mind and the soul. 

Ipanema Beach

Ipanema Beach is a real example of bustling beauty which remains crowded in summer when you see awesome natural beauty, couples, sunshine, and players.

The big, busy and amazing beach welcomes millions of tourists who enjoy volleyball, beach soccer and surfing in the drizzling sunshine. Because of the natural and crowd beauty present on the beach, the majority of visitors terms it the best beach of Rio de Janeiro

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