Amazing Experiences in Mykonos

Experiences in Mykonos

Mykonos is an amazing and exciting island of Greek which has a lot of fun stuff for its visitors. The natural beauty, delicious food, attractive landscapes and shiny sand are some reasons of the increased island trips in the area while it offers innumerable enjoyment  opportunities to tourists in the historical old town. There are over 50 beaches which provide different adventure facilities and let the visitor enjoy the atmosphere and weather. No matter you love natural beauty, experience water sports or willing to join sexy parties, Mykonos is there to entertain you in every way. 

Enjoy Dinner at Beach 

No doubt, the beaches have every entertainment for you and let you enjoy music, dance, concerts, games and food. But, there is a lot more to explore in Mykonos like you can go to a remote area with your friends or spouse and enjoy the local food in the peaceful environment. Agios Sostis, Kikis, Fokos and  Ftelia are some remote beaches which aren’t much crowded and a person can relax his mind in the calm and beautiful place. There is no conveyance issue in the area, especially who comes up with private tours as  transport companies and taxis always remain there to offer their services. 

Water Sports Adventures

The presence of beaches and suitable environment has increased the opportunities for water sports adventures. However, windsurf is the most exciting and common sport you see in Mykonos. The wind blows all day and creates a perfect environment for the extreme windsurfing. The environment is equally suitable for the beginners and for the experts. Pezi Huber is the ideal place the windsurfing as environment and training both are suitable. 

Day trip to Delos

The forgettable island of Delos is full of natural beauty and an amazing combination of cultural and Modern civilization. The area has 500 years old history and it witnessed several reigns, including Greece’s imperial zenith, Byzantine, and Roman. It only takes 30 minutes by boat to Delos from Mykonos’ old harbor. Guides are available for Coasts tour, sole tour and private tours who inform the tourist about the beauty and culture of the area in detail. The presence of theaters, religious temples, ancient buildings, and Lions of Naxos and Archaeology Museum make it the perfect city to visit. 

Attend Sexy Beach Parties 

Music, dance, alcohol and bars are the real beauty of Mykonos. Paradise and Super Paradise Beach is full of bars with perfect drag show pre-game spot lets you enjoy the parties and allows to stay over days and weeks. The loud DJ sound system is there to increase the super-chic atmosphere. The parties are infamous because of the increased use of alcohol and drugs, but one can easily enjoy them without indulging in the negative things. 


Mykonos has everything for entertainment, peace of mind, fun, adventure and natural beauty. No matter you want to come with family or friends, you will find comfortable and secure environment which will make your vacations amazing and unforgettable. 

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