Magnificent Guided Private Tour of the Inca Empire of Cusco Peru

A magnificent guided private tour of the Inca Empire of Cusco  Peru is a must, set in southeastern Peru near the Andes Mountain Range, Cusco was the historical capital of the Inca Empire. 

Peru’s is the most visited cities and the hub in which to start your journeys on the Inca Trail, head up to Macchu Picchu, sightsee the multitude of famous landmarks. 

The most famous of the ruins surrounding Cusco is Sacsayhuaman a truly magnificent site one needs to see to be understood. The locals in the area can be seen getting on with day to day life dressed in traditional clothing with the women wearing black hats and petticoats; some are happy enough to have their photo taken!

With a Private Tour, you will see that Cusco is at the centre of the indigenous Quechua culture of the Andes, taking a walk around the streets is like stepping back in time as you can see the real Cusco spread at your feet. Coinciding with all of this tradition is the exciting up to date tourist nightlife. 

Try and plan a visit to Lima, the Peruvians love eating, and you will understand why when you see the culinary delight on offer everywhere. The cafes and restaurants are everywhere, and it is an excellent way to watch them go about their business.

Let the activities begin!
Spectacular 1 Day Private Humantay Lake Tour from Cusco
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Lake Humantay is a beautiful landscape hidden in the Peruvian Mountain Salkantay, the snow capped mountain. We will hike from Soraypampa to Lake Humantay.

From USD
12 hours Scheduling Private Tour Cusco
2-Day Inca Trail to Machu Picchu Trek from Cusco
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Our 2-day trek of the famous Inca Trail is ideal for travelers who don’t have much time in Cusco but have interest in cultural & mysticism exploration

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2 days Scheduling Shared Tour Cusco
4 Days Sacred Trek Inca Trail to Machu Picchu from Cusco
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Hiking in spectacular Andes is something different. Travel & Healing’s guide will show you the spiritual part of Inca ruins through the trek to Machu Picchu.

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4 days Scheduling Shared Tour Cusco
Private Full Day Classic Tour to Machu Picchu
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Experience a great adventure, Machu Picchu, with a private full-day visit from Cusco and the Sacred Valley, appreciating the Inca city of Ollantaytambo and Aguas Calientes

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18 hours Scheduling Private Tour Cusco
Full Day Aramu Muru Spiritual Tour
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Aramu Muru, is one of the most spiritual places in Lake Titicaca, there is an enigmatic carved in a one big Stone to connect you spiritualism and find your self.

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1 days Scheduling Semi-Private Tour Cusco
Shamanic Healing Trifecta of Ceremonies
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This unique experience was designed to experience authentic Andean culture and traditions. Three ceremonies will be performed, all done by Q’ero'sNation shamans.

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3 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Cusco
Full Day Andean Plant Teacher Tour
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Andean Plant Teach ceremonies work as a communion between yourself, nature and the universe on a whole, see the interconnectivity of life and appreciate everything around us.

From USD
9 to 10 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Cusco
3 Day Amazonian Plant Teacher Retreat
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Our 3 day amazonian vine retreats have been developed with both Andes Qero and Amazonian Shipibo Shaman. They come from families with traditions of shamanism.

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3 days Scheduling Semi-Private Tour Cusco
Full Day Tour to The Rainbow Mountain from Cusco
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Rainbow Mountain trek (Vinicunca Mountain) provides us with a natural colored palette that is hard to find anywhere else on Earth.

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1 days Scheduling Shared Tour Cusco
5 Day Salkantay to Machu Picchu Trek
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The energy of the Andes is powerful. The Salkantay (meaning “wild” in Quechua) Trek is truly spectacular, with breathtaking views of Cusco second highest mountain.

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5 days Scheduling Shared Tour Cusco
12 Day Peru Pilgrimage
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This transformational journey begins with a retreat at our Sacred Valley retreat centre, where you will participate in a variety of ceremonies.

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12 days Scheduling Shared Tour Cusco
Best of Inca Culture 7 Day Immersion Tour
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Starting with a welcome local stoned grill. Indigenous Shaman masters will send their blessing through trifecta ceremonies on your arrival.

From USD
7 days Scheduling Semi-Private Tour Cusco

Best Places to see in Cusco

Macchu Picchu
1 With Private Tour a visit to Macchu Picchu is a privilege, as you will be made aware of, on your trip to this spectacular, awe-inspiring place it’s one of the most popular places to visit on the planet. Discovered in the 1900’s Macchu Picchu remains somewhat a mystery as archaeologists still unlock its treasures to see why this magnificent city was unexplainably abandoned. The Inca Trail the most preferred way to reach Macchu Picchu
2 Come and see the breathtaking citadel that is Sacsayhuaman with Private Tour based on the northern region of the city of Cusco this is the actual historical birthplace of the Inca Empire. It is said that areas of this magnificent structure were built around the 1100’s, by the Killke People and this area was expanded by the Inca’s sometime around the 13th century. They added massive stone dry walls built by carefully large rocks.
Inca Trail
3 Discover, without doubt, one of the most sought after trips on the planet The Inca Trail. With a Private Tour discover the delights of this two, four or five-day trip taking in the breathtaking scenery and once in a lifetime experience. See the famous ruins, cloud forests and landscapes that will make you wonder how this whole land can give any more. Little settlements can be spotted along the Trail.
4 A short ride from Cusco is Tambomachay famous for its Incan Baths is a must do, tour experience. Tambomachay also hosts beautiful scenery and architecture with dreamy fountains delivering spring water from the mountains. Canals and waterfalls are running all the way through the rocks. In the times of the Inca’s this place was a sacred spot with religious ceremonies held there. Water worship was thought to be practised there!
Cusco Cathedral
5 The Cusco Cathedral also known as Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin is the main Roman Catholic Archdiocese church of the city of Cusco. Located on the Plaza de Armas, the cathedral was completed in the late 1650’s taking almost 100 years to build. The smaller First Christian Church is based beside the Cathedral in Cusco and shows the magnificence of the Cusco Cathedral. The Cathedral holds many artefacts.
6 This archaeological site is a little distance from Cusco, has some important ruins, with circular depressions and the largest one, is approximately 100 ft. deep. The reason for these depressions is unclear, but as new information from researchers is coming to light, it is believed that they create different temperatures between the top circle and the bottom one. One idea is that they may have been used for climatic changes to drop
Pisco Museum
7 When you have done all you can do in Cusco with its religious and colonial art, you may need some much needed Rest and Recuperation. Take a guided trip to the Pisco Museum famed for its national drink the Pisco Sour (made with the jungle fruit Kino in both sour apple and spearmint) this establishment has it, all with live music and tapas. They also host special tasting evenings and a master class for distillers.
Plaza de Armas
8 Known as the hub of Cusco, the Plaza de Armas is located in the centre of the town and is the ideal place to start your city tour. The views from the surrounding buildings are a sight to be seen and just sitting back with a cold drink watching the shoeshine boys at work is great. The statue of Tupac Amaru is located in the very middle of the square and is perfect for some great photography opportunities.
The Twelve Angled Stone
9 These palace walls are quite a sight to behold as the stones are enormous. The structure was built on the ancient foundations of the Inca Tribes. Take a guided tour inside and see the giant rocks up close you will struggle to figure out how these stones were moved and so accurately put in place. Whether you go inside or not, pay a visit to this site, it will give you a good idea of how an Inca Palace looked back in the day.
San Pedro: Cusco Market
10 Love shopping? You cannot visit this city without heading out to one of the fabulous markets. Cusco Market is one of the largest markets in the region spanning around a quarter of the city this market has a lot to offer. Spend your day ambling around picking up bits and pieces made from the locals. Take a break have a refreshment, head out again to see what other bargains and delights this fabulous place has to offer.

Stunning Spanish Colonial Cusco With a Sightseeing Tour

Magnificent Guided Private Tour of the Inca Empire of Cusco Peru

In the city, the Spanish colonial buildings are erected on top of the Inca walls that line the square, and the Plaza de Armas is the hub for the vast nightlife in Cusco Peru with bars and restaurants serving traditional delights.  

Want a Pizza; the locals have embraced European food culture, and this is mixed and blended with local foods to entice everyone!

Hire a driver, relax and let them take you all around the city and surrounding areas including the Sacred Valley. Stunning Spanish Colonial Cusco with a Sightseeing Tour !!

Have Fun and jump on the small buses, they have names like Zorro or Batman and take a private tour while you are in control of when you want to get on and off ! perfect way to see the city.

Once you have visited this stunning city, plan a tour to Machu Picchu, it would be unheard of to travel as far a Peru and did not make an effort to go to Machu Picchu. 

This awesome, amazing and all inspiring ancient city is a sight to be beholden. 

Even though it is the best-known archaeological site on the continent, it still can have up to 2500 people arrive daily to see it, in peak season. 

Travel Tips for Cusco