Lima, Take a Private Tour of a Cosmopolitan City That Does Not Sleep

  Lima, take a private tour of a cosmopolitan city that does not sleep, the Capital of Peru, with a population of 10 million people the city is always busy, the casino and bars are heaving with the locals!

It is a very cosmopolitan city with beautiful museums and architectural delights on every corner it a place to not miss!

The Peruvians love eating, and you will understand why when you see the culinary delight on offer everywhere. The cafes and restaurants are everywhere, and it is an excellent way to watch them go about their business.

One other place you must visit would be Arequipa; the Spanish influence is still very much in evidence all over the city in its magnificent buildings and beautiful parks. Its many elegant buildings constructed of sillar, a white volcanic rock, give it an ethereal appearance and gives its nickname as "La Ciudad Blanca" or  White City.  

Let the activities begin!
Lake 69 And The Cordillera Blanca Group Tour From Huaraz
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The Lake 69 in the hearth of the Cordillera Blanca, is the most popular by its beauty in the Parque Nacional Huascaran, considered the most wonderful day hiking in the world.

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12 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Lima
Experience Lima on an Exciting Half Day Cultural Small Group Tour
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This 3 1/2 hour tour will show you the flavour of this cosmopolitan city. Lima is a milenary city with also Spanish heritage and a modern capital with great gastronomy.

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3 to 4 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Lima
Lima Walking Tour
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Enjoy a private walking tour of the city of Lima and see its main landmarks and attractions. Accompanied by a knowledgeable guide.

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6 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Lima
Pachacamac Archaeological Center from Lima
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Enjoy a 3-hour private group tour of the archaeological site of Pachacamac, an important ceremonial temple for pre-Hispanic cultures in Peru. View the three ancient pyramids

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3 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Lima
Lima Gastronomy Tour and Cooking Class
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Go beyond the typical tourist experience with this hands-on culinary tour of Peru's gastronomic capital, Lima. Learn to make traditional Peruvian dishes

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3 to 4 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Lima
Lima Airport Arrival Transfer
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start your holidays in Peru in a pleasant way and with a comfortable arrival from the airport. Enjoy a trip to your hotel with a shared arrival transfer,

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30 to 60 minutes Scheduling Shared Tour Lima
Private Llanganuco Lakes & Huascaran National Park Tour
Private Llanganuco Lakes & Huascaran National Park Tour
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The Llanganuco Lakes is situated in the Cordillera Blanca, in the Andes of Peru. Here you will see the turquoise waters from the glaciers of Huascaran and Huandoy.

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1 days Scheduling Private Tour Lima
Parque de la Reserva
1 Wow, a park with an Interactive light show fountain! During a city sightseeing tour, this is spectacular to see. It either plays movies onto the fountains or music! It was an amazing experience, only please remember towels and a set of dry clothes !! ideal for families or couples! Many fountains are doing various things, and it is best to go in the evening time when the park is all lit up as it looks beautiful, we loved it!
2 In the heart of the city, this seaside resort is a fabulous place to visit, and it is classed as the safest area of Peru. Stunning beaches and an old lighthouse, I thoroughly enjoyed my time sitting in the bar and people watching, as the locals played a multitude of sports on the beach. The humidity is quite high at certain times of the year, but I loved the shopping, so it was worth it! Great place and a bit posh as well!
Huaca Pucllana
3 A strange place to build a neighbourhood around a pyramid! But a fabulous place to visit and still worth going to see, while in Lima. Always take water and wear comfy shoes and cover your head as it can get scorching climbing these old ruins. A private tour takes around 2 hours and in the middle of these ruins is a fabulous little restaurant offering fantastic food! We enjoyed learning the history of the pyramid from our guide.
Iglesia y Convento de San Francisco
4 The cathedral has an incredible history and is best seen with a private tour guide, the catacombs for me were my favourite part of the tour seeing the skeletons.! However, no photos are allowed at all which was a shame. The pictures are also very strange to see in a cathedral, for example, a surgeon operating on a patient! But that made it even more exciting for us. The place is seeped in with history!
Museo Larco
5 What an honestly beautifully well-maintained museum, the staff was fantastic and very informative on our private guided tour. There are over 47,000 ceramic artefacts from all cultures of Peruvian life. The facial features were astounding on the live exhibits. The place is beautiful with a restaurant in the garden area serving the local cuisine. The erotic section was an eye opener !!
6 A hidden wee gem of a place! Very bohemian atmosphere so this is an ideal location for artists and musicians. The nightlife is fantastic and the hot spot of Peru ! Having a wander in the daytime on a city tour is also lovely as there is a beautiful bridge called the Bridge of Sighs and a great place to look down to the ocean. With plenty of parks to sit and relax in as well. 
Cerro San Cristóbal
7 Want to see the whole of Lima? Then this is the place to go. The hill is very high, and towers above the town at 409 meters high! The views from the top are phenomenal with Lima and the Pacific Ocean in the backdrop. The private tour guide was exceptional and very informative about the history of Lima. There is a massive cross at the top which is lit up in the evenings, Beautiful place to see. There is also a museum.
El Parque del Amor
8 Want to make a wish? There is a beautiful ornate fountain in the park, get your coins in and make your dreams come true. If you want just to chill out and relax this a perfect place to do it and watch the hang gliders fly down over the ocean. There are many stalls offering food and drinks, so grab a drink and chill under a palm tree and watch the sunset!
Casa de la Literatura Peruana
9 If you love to read, you will find this library incredible! The Peruvians love to read, and you will see the history behind this and discover the exhibitions. The setting itself is unique as its set within an old railway station! The setting is stunning with poetry written on the windows and stairs. A beautiful place to visit while in Lima, with no entry fee.
10 Going to Lima, you need to enter this beautiful archaeological site into your plans, dating back to the Pre-Inca times. There is still a lot of unearthing to do as it's a huge religious site, it is located looking over the ocean, on a hill. It can get hot so take comfortable footwear, plenty of water and a sunshade! It is better if you take a guided tour of the museum where the history is explained in great detail.

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