Top 10 Summer Destinations in 2016

Top 10 Summer Destinations in 2016

Now that you’ve been working day and night during the winters like the ants, it’s time to enjoy your way through summers like them too. Why not? Because everyone deserves a break, after all! From the beautiful beaches and lakes in America to the astounding beauty of European cities, you deserve to treat yourself with the best spots & top 10 summer destinations in 2016 during vacations.

To help you make decisions for the coming summer, we have compiled the top 10 most popular destinations for travelers this year. If you are curious to know how we made this list, let me tell you that it has been compiled according to the travelers’ searches this year; whatever you’ve craved for the most has made it here.  So let’s begin:

Top 10 Summer Destinations in 2016 for Travelers This Year!

  • Ten – The Bahamas

The Bahamas has made it last in the top 10, but that’s not bad at all. If you are looking for some quiet time on an Island with your family, this is the right place for you.

The Bahamas islands are prone to receiving heavy rains during the hurricane season, but mild weather arrives in June. Luckily, at this time, you can enjoy not only a pleasant climate in the Bahamas but the lesser burden of tourists and overall lower prices as well. If you’re planning to visit the Bahamas other than summertime, bear in mind that the inclement weather often drives resorts in the Out Islands to close down through November, but some resorts including New Providence and Paradise Island welcome visitors all year round.

  • Nine – Miami

Number nine on the chart, Miami is a getaway to cool yourself off on a boat or in a lively club. Miami is in actuality in its offseason during summers; however, tourism never dies with people from colder regions flocking to its warmth.

It is a particularly attractive place for Europeans and South Americans to escape winters. At the time, the sun and its blazing heat become unbearable, but the good thing is that the cure lies in the Atlantic, Biscayne Bay or even an infinity pool that always welcome people to take a dip in their cold waters.

This is not all that is to Miami; the city offers you excellent opportunities to do nothing and relax! What else do we need in the summers? Spread out on the South Beach any time of the day or just watch people go by on Lincoln Road. The epic nightlife at Miami’s clubs and especially the beaches is one thing that you would not want to miss to make your stay at Miami as entertaining as possible.

  • Eight – Catalina Island, California

Provided that you’re the active youth, who looks for a healthy getaway during summers, at number eighth, Cataline Island is the place for you, where you can spend your days snorkeling, hiking, biking, or swimming.

This pollution-free Island is a great respite for tourists from busy cities and particularly for the Angelenos. After a 22-mile journey on a ferry or even through a helicopter ride worth no more than 110$, you will reach this paradoxical island. Apart from a serene atmosphere, campgrounds with wild buffaloes roaming freely, and the city of Avalon with its flavors of the sea will make your stay truly memorable.    

  • Seven – Mackinac Island, Michigan

Seven on our chart, the Mackinac Island is just 20 minutes away from both the Upper and Lower Peninsula of Michigan State. The city takes it visitors to the bygone era when cars were not yet in use;

Believe it or not, cars have been banned in Mackinac Island for more than 100 years, and people get around on horse-drawn carriages. Just like the Cataline Islands, you will have extensive parkland of no less than 4 square miles for hiking and cycling.  Over the weekends, don’t miss out roaming the streets of Island to appreciate the beautiful architecture of its Victorian cottages from the Civil War.   

  • Six – Ocean City, Maryland

Looking for ample strolls along the boardwalk and simultaneous access to a taste of the classic Thrasher’s vinegar and the Old Bay French fries? We have the perfect suggestion for you: at number six in this list...

Ocean City is where you should be planning to go to during summers. It’s a happening city which remains alive all 24 hours and people feast on hard-shelled crabs at the Hooper’s Crab House or have locally brewed drinks in the Fager’s Island Restaurant. So grab your mallets to crack those crabs and don those neon spray-painted T-shirts to have the best out of the Ocean City

  • Five – Amsterdam

Are you surprised on finding Amsterdam on this list? Rest assured; Amsterdam has enough surprises for everyone during summers to make a place in the top 5. This city will give you an urban adventure based on crossing countless waterways by riding across bridges on bikes or crossing underneath them on boats.

Summer would be the ideal time for anyone to visit Amsterdam when the gray skies have lifted, and colorful festivals take place everywhere. Visitors can enjoy the Open Gardens Day when tourists are allowed to peek into the beautiful private gardens of the residents of Amsterdam all along the famous canal of the city.

  • Four – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Resting at number four on this list is the Virginia Beach that promises unstoppable fun for tourists and families through its beachside resorts, Virginia Aquarium, and Marine Science Center. It is a favorite location for visitors flocking from the mid-Atlantic due to the sandy beaches spread across 35 miles.

To make things better,  a boardwalk made of concrete stretches 3 miles along the oceanfront. What’s special about that? Well, the experience of watching the sunset from one of the benches on the boardwalk, biking along it as the sun rises, or simply watching people go by and enjoy on the beach are experiences that are hard to find on any other beach.

  • Three – Bora Bora

Honeymooners, there you go, a spot made just for you to enjoy the summers together! It is the same magical island that you have been conjuring in your dreams. With its unique bungalows lined across a turquoise lagoon, you can’t be dreaming of anything more beautiful than Bora Bora.

Apart from relaxing in the quiet atmosphere of this French Polynesian Island, you can go snorkeling or scuba-diving around the circular coral reefs surrounding the island.

  • Two – Dubai

The mighty Dubai makes it to number two on the list; Come to Dubai and indulge in your fantasies – being on the top of the world, roaming in the largest mall in the world, buying everything possible on the planet, and spending a night at a 7-star hotel – all will be fulfilled here.

The 100 degrees and above Fahrenheit of temperature never bring anyone down in Dubai. Ever wondered, why? When you’re skiing indoors right in the middle of the desert and shopping nonstop, who cares about temperature! So this summer, treat yourself at the Dubai Summer Surprises Shopping Festival and don’t miss dramatic discounts for everything you buy.      

  • One – Hawaii

At number one, we have a summer spot that is ideal for tourists from all backgrounds and ages. Hawaii has six major islands spread across its ocean, each of which promises a unique experience for the visitors. The good thing this that you wouldn’t need your passport to enjoy at this place full of adventures; regardless of it being present in another world.

Not literally of course, but its red and black sand and reef beaches, heavenly landscapes, ample marine life, and the rich Polynesian culture that surrounds it give the visitors an otherworldly experience in Hawaii.   

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How come Dubai is number 2? Dubai can only be a number 200. There are thousands of beautiful places in the World which is much nicer than Dubai!

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