Great to explore Bali, with or without a Private Tour

Great to explore Bali, with or without a Private Tour

Bali, the most popular place in Indonesia to visit, is a very beautiful island with many things to offer. The beaches are picturesque, along with the country side, and all the beautiful sites to see. The dining there is very unique and delicious as well as cheap in price. The culture there and the design in and around the buildings is magnificent, you will never get bored looking at it. You can choose to explore all the tourist attractions, go off on your own, or go on a private tour and see all the beautiful places the city has to offer. 

Balinese Culture

Bali's interesting culture dates back to 300 BC, the first religion practiced there was Buddhism, then the study of Hinduism became popularly practiced. There are over 20,000 temples in Bali, all with beautiful architecture.

The island has many cultural features, there are over 20,000 temples with beautiful architecture, many palaces to explore, and many shows to see that are being performed all year round. The beaches are crystal clear and there's also amazing coral reefs located around the island.

The most popular and visited beach in Bali, Kuta

Kuta, is the most popular and visited beach in Bali, Kuta is also where you can go if you want to socialize with others on the island and have a good time. There are many different spots to go here from bar food to cafe food.

Kuta also has many different places to eat and visit depending on your budget type. This village on the island is also the most popular for surfing. The beach is very well maintained and is very scenic. Although if you want quietness you can always go down to the north end of the beach, where it's not as popular.

Gunung Agung & Pura Besakih

On the slopes of Gunung Agung, Bali's tallest mountain, is Pura Besakih, one of the most important temples that is said to protect the island from evil. There is a dragon god that had lived in the mountains and he was the inspiration for this temple.

Bali's tallest mountain Gunung Agung 

The temple has over 28 structures build into it and has very complex, but beautiful architecture. The best way to see spots like this temple is to go on private tours around them.

The one of the most important temple in Indonesia,  Pura Besakih

Bali's cultural heart, Ubud  

Ubud is considered the heart of culture in Bali and it located in the rice fields that go up the foothill in Bali's mountains. The most important museums are located here. The neka art museum is one of the most well known museums known for its beautiful Balinese style paintings.

There are also dance performances that go on daily in the city, it is a great place to learn about Balinese culture. "Eat, pray, love" was based off this city, so it is very popular and has many tourists all the time.

Overall Bali is a very beautiful island to visit and explore on your own or go on a private tour. The beautiful culture and scenery on this island makes it a very wonderful place to go. If you want a mix of culture and night life this would be the place to go. 

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Reviewed by Kadisk@@   April 12, 2016

My first impression of Bali is from the movie "Eat, pray, love", from there I know it's the best place to find your inner peace. I searched for many information about it before I went there, however it turned out to be unnecessary, because the people there were very kind. One important point is there are no bus in Bali, they have their own car-renting system, you need to reserve a car on the internet before you got there. Have fun with your trip.

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