Visiting Paris on a Budget

Visiting Paris on a Budget

Paris is the first priority of many tourists because of its rich culture and modern living standards. It’s present in the list of most luxurious places where one should take ample amount of money to spend some days. Both budget tours and private tour can become lucrative with savvy planning. You can trim big bucks from your budget travel by indicating affordable and comfy transport, restaurants, and hotels. Here are some easy and effective tips which let you save money in the City of Lights and allow you to explore the city more than you ever expected. 

Prefer Public Transport 

Never go for the taxi and always prefer bus or metro train. As you are required to pay €50 for hiring the taxi and have to pay only €10 from  Charles de Gaulle airport to the center of the city. Similarly, the city airport bus costs only €10 for and takes only 15-20 minutes to reach you the destination. 

Buy Carnet 

Carnet is the term used for buying 12 bus tickets at  a time, which saves both your money and time. The cost of one ticket is €1.70 while carnet lets you save money and costs only €12.70. This facility is beneficial for families and groups. Moreover, keep your ticket in your hand and don’t lose it as ticket checkers can come and ask you to show your ticket. In case of the absence of the ticket, you have to pay a heavy fine and other consequences. 

Amazing and Cost Effective Museums 

Paris is famous for its historic and interesting museums and Paris museum pass is no less than a blessing for museum lovers which lets them visit 50 museums in only €39 for two days. On the other hand, if you don’t get the  pass, only one museum will cost €18. The museums contain thousand of years old material, ancient weapons, and paintings. 


Paris is the most visited city which welcomes millions of tourists annually. There are all kinds of big, small , luxurious and affordable hotels present, which let you select an accommodation according to your need within the budget constraints. Residence du Palais, Hotel Eldorado, Hotel de la Place des Alpes are some comfortable and affordable hotels where you can stay at night by spending less than €100. 

Food and Drinks 

Food and drinks are expensive if you get them from the hotel. Usually, the hotels charge €10 for  a normal breakfast while you can avail  a better deal in significantly low price from a nearby café or food street. Similarly, the coffee and drinks are available in €1 from cafes while you have to pay more when you order from a table. 


You  can enjoy maximum in a limited budget if follow the above-mentioned tips. Apart from these tips, keep your shoes, bag, clothes, smart phone, and other necessary items with you as the prices are much higher in Paris. Moreover, take advantage of lunch and dinner deals and take tickets in advance. 

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Reviewed by Carlos & Caroline   June 05, 2016

We are frequent backpackers and wish to see as many places as possible in limited time no matter where we travel. Our approach is to stay in cheap pensions and save the money for a private tour. And we did exactly that in Paris. Our guide of a full-day private tour of Paris, Denis, was very French! Haha. His English with a beautiful French accent was already worth the money. But his shocked expression when he picked us up at our really cheap hotel was the best to remember.

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