Tips for Saving Money in Phuket

Tips for Saving Money in  Phuket

The mesmerizing beauty of Thailand appeals every eye and people want to come once in their lives. However, the low accommodation rates  and cheap travel fares make it the first choice of tourists. In order to make your private tour lucrative and fun-full, make sure that you’re using your money wisely, cut down the unnecessary needs and spend it on enjoyable things. There are some money saving ways that can help you in Phuket and let you make your trip memorable. 

The best tips for Saving Money in Phuket

How to Reach there? 

It’s the first and the most important step of travel. The selection of the low-cost airline is a better choice and luxurious airline charges you more which means you’re losing chances of enjoyment. Air Asia is a reliable and affordable airline, which regular offers regular flights in reasonable prices and also offers hotel booking facility if you become their regular member. The same case is with Nok Air which is a local airline, charges you less without compromising the facilities. 

Cheap Travel Ways in Phuket 

Budget tours demand some precautions in travel and you can’t afford luxurious and expensive transport. When you reach the airport, the inexpensive airlines land at Don Muang Airport while the destination of the expensive airlines is Suvarnabhomi Airport. Follow these valuable tips to save money from the airport to the hotel. 

1. Prefer bus on cabs as you can save 370 Baht by selecting the bus as a transport mode. In the regular days, bus companies charge you 30 Baht while you’ve to pay 400 Baht for taking cab facility. 

2. In order to prevent any inconvenience, keep  a change of money as the company isn’t responsible for returning money if they don’t have at the moment. 

3. Metro is the fastest and the easiest mode of travel in Phuket and you reach at your destination by spending minimum time and money. 

4. The use of public transport at night is the best option as Thailand has the best public transport services and even you can stay a night more in the hotel by traveling in a bus instead of a cab. 

5. Similarly, you can get a bike or a cycle at cheap rates to explore the city in details. 

Visa and Accommodation

Visa and accommodation are the necessary parts of travel and you can save money from both these ways by paying some attention to your expenses. Visa terms are not strict and usually 15 day visa is available at only 1000 Baht while one should keep 20,000 Bhat and 40,000 Bhat living expenses for personal or family use respectively. Similarly, Groupon Thailand, Koh Samui, and Chiang Mai  are cheap cities which have numerous restaurants offer great deals and coupons. Usually, the majority of the hotels charges 300 Bhat per night. 

Food and Drinks

Phuket has many restaurants, food streets, and vendors where you can eat delicious and hygienic food in minimum price. Moreover, many restaurants offer buy one and get one free which is a beneficial offer for families. You can also download apps and check reviews to select the best cuisine. 

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Reviewed by Aaliyah   April 09, 2016

Found it useful! Unluckily no one gave me these tips when I went to Thailand, I wasted so much money on traffic, at last my spent was too much over my budget, and I couldn't enjoy mant entertaiment there. If I had chance I planned to have a second tour to Thailand, specially Phuket! Looking forward this kind of tips before I do anything stupid again. :))

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