Reasons to Visit Hobbiton for Adventure

Hobbiton for Adventure

New Zealand is known for its natural beauty and mountains. Beautiful landscapes, cordial environment and amazing weather are the characteristics of the land. The beauty of the place  impressed a number people in the past and they decided to capture the mesmerizing scenes in the feature films. Though, there are various movies picturized in the stunning location, but the J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit & The Lord of the Rings Trilogy is at the top of the list. The perfect background and romantic scenes couldn’t be captured better than this place. The set of Hobbiton is still there and appeal tourists to visit it. Here are some pursuing reasons to visit the Hobbiton set. 

The natural beauty of the area keep a spell on every visitor

The lush green mountains, pleasant weather and secure environment increases the opportunities for adventure lovers. In New Zealand, Hobbiton is the most visited place after the reconstruction of Hobbit series in 2011. According to a recent report, the Alexander Farm where the set is located hosts  350,000 people annually. 

Hobbiton gives you a chance to see the featured places in reality.

The management has  recently opened the Green Dragon Inn where Hobbits were seen meeting in the Shire. Moreover, you can enjoy Ginger Beer, Oak Barton Ale,  apple cider and other beverage you like to drink. During the visit, you feel like a part of the movie and understand the feelings of the actors as well. 

Reasons to Visit Hobbiton for Adventure & Secrets

If you’re interested in knowing the movie making techniques, then Hobbiton is the best choice as guides inform you about the secrets of the movies, i.e. you will learn that some trees that were used in the movie were not real and their leaves were imported from other countries. Moreover, it will be excited to know about the different sizes of Hobbit Holes

  • Hobbit Dinner 

Private tour and the management have started a dinner program which lets you eat like the Hobbit in the banquet style feast. The use of lanterns and travel to the village back give you unforgettable memories of the life time. The breathtaking views, moonlight,  and cool breeze make you feel like you’re in heaven. 

  • Amazing Photography 

Photography lovers and young couples find the place perfect, as they it lets them capture their dream scenes. The wonderful  feeling comes when you find an attractive location behind you and it seems that you’ve stepped into Tolkin’s world. 

Interesting Facts about Hobbiton 

There are some interesting facts about the outstanding adventure place which impress everyone. 

  • There are total 37 hobbit holes in the area which have different sizes and made of timber. 
  • The tourists aren’t allowed to live in the hobbits at night.
  • 26-ton oak was cut down from Matamata and later artificial leaves were imported from Taiwan. 

Best time to Visit the Hobbiton 

Though, no time is bad for visiting the Hobbiton and the amazing weather always says welcome to the visitors, but in December the accommodation problem arises due to the holidays and booking from the local clients. 

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Reviewed by Mary   May 11, 2016

If someone ask me where I would love to go on a honeymoon, I will answer without any hesitation--Hobbiton. The fariytale scenary and amazing weather, nowhere else can give you that feeling. It sure gonna be an unforgettable memory!

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