Paris Is a Fascinating City Walk Through Some Magical Moments in Your Life

Paris Is a Fascinating City It Is Like Going Through a Magical Moment in Time

Paris is well known to be the city of love and one of the most romantic places in the world, but today I am having a little romance with the city itself. As it happens, I LOVE Paris it has been the longest and most honest love affair of my life. I spent most of the day just strolling around some of the main attractions for most tourists, having a latte and yummy macaroons, shopping in the beautiful boutique stores and just loving every corner of this gorgeous city my second home.

After sleeping with my curtains open so I could wake up to the incredible view of a pink colored sunrise and the Eiffel Tower was a dream come true and I had to tear myself away to go for a French breakfast of croissants and coffee just like the locals. I took the short stroll to the magnificent Eiffel Tower and ambled around taking photos and enjoying the atmosphere while avoiding all the touts. I booked my tour tickets before I came to avoid all the queues so I was able to get more time to see all that Paris has to offer.

I headed to the Palais de Tokyo for a quick peek around on my way to the fashion museum Musee Galliera. Of course, adoring fashion I went inside and loved it and seeing the way fashion has changed over the years it was fab. It is a haven for Vintage fashion lovers like myself walking among the beautiful dresses with the stunning designs and swirling skirts from the 1950s. In the museum are rooms filled with clothes from France’s most famous designers Christian Dior and Pierre Cardin. The museum is also full with some of the cities best-dressed women, seriously, these women looked incredible! It’s so unfair it can't be normal.

I then had a wander through Jardin des Tuileries a beautiful public garden and promenade filled with other visitors and holidaymakers on city tours relaxing in the bright sunshine with ice creams and cold drinks, I must admit I partook in a little refreshment myself. Paris is an amazing city with so much to see and whether you just like walking around beautiful shops and restaurants or seeing some of the many sights as my favorite icon Audrey Hepburn once said: “Paris always is a good idea.”

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