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Hang Out With the Harajuku Girls in Terrific Tokyo on Private Tour. From anime characters to statues of the famed Godzilla; Tokyo has a diverse and exciting culture but holds on to its historic traditions.  

On a guided private tour you will see Tokyo at its best and see how the city prides itself by renewing and reinventing constantly.  

Primarily know as a clean and safe city Tokyo has everything from midtown green areas, sumo and street style that will blow your mind.  

Private Tours of Harajuku and its backstreets will show you the famed Harajuku girls a must see tour.  

Culturally the Buddhist Shrines and Temples are amazing but feel you have seen all the temples you can then head or Japans version of Disneyland and prepare to have a ball.  

The cuisine scene on a custom tour of Tokyo will have you salivating on the delicious delicacies on offer.  

In the cafe's, bars and street food the choice of dishes is great, try noodles and dumplings, sushi or the Tokyo special see food tempura.

Let the activities begin!
TOKYO Street Go Karting
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With “safety and comfort” as our motto, we are the rental & tour service provider of public road karting. We offer you the very unique way of enjoying Tokyo.

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Sumo Wrestling Match
1 Visit Kokugikan the home to sumo wrestling in Japan on private tour. Many of the key tournaments are held here and are usually well booked out in advance so be sure to arrange your tickets when booking your holiday.  See the pomp and ceremony prior to each battle it is simply amazing.  The wrestlers are superstars in Japan, and it is an honour to be associated with any of them.    
Mount Fuji
2 Mount Fuji stands tall at 11,500 ft and is positioned very close to the major city of Tokyo.  At that height, the peak is usually covered in fog and sometimes even cloud, but it is still possible to climb on a guided private tour.  The dawn climb is worth the effort as you will see the sun rise over Tokyo and can admire the spectacular skyline.   
Sensi-Ji Temple
3 Sensi- Ji is one of the truly most beautiful temples in Tokyo.  Legend features it that during the year 628, a couple of brothers fished a symbol of Kannon (the goddess of mercy) from the Sumida Waterway, and even despite the fact that they placed the statue back in the river, it constantly floated back to them. Sensoji was constructed in that area for them. The Temple is Tokyo’s most ancient from around 645 BC and one of the most beautiful.
4 Harajuku Girls are women from the Harajuku district of Toyko.  They are unique in that they have a very eclectic fashion sense.  Harajuku girls or fruits dress very like anime characters with ranges from hello kitty to lamb.  On a private guided tour of the Harajuku district, you will see all these girls going about their day to day business and think how do they do it?
Tokyo Imperial Palace
5 Visit the Tokyo Imperial Palace on a private tour and see the breathtaking grounds of the Tokugawa Shoguns residential palace. Now home to Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko this stunning palace is a must see on your sightseeing holiday.  While you can walk around some areas, there are access restrictions to the palace and some parts of the grounds.  If your timing is right, see the changing of the guard WOW!        
Tokyo Disneyland
6 Book your guided private tour of Tokyo Disneyland and experience the fun and adventure of this magic kingdom.  From the famous world bazaar to the Pirates of the Caribean park, Disneyland Toyko has it all and more.  Spend some time in the gardens of imagination, adventure isle, fantasyland, mickey avenue, Tomorrowland and treasure cove fun for all the family.  
Meiji Shrine
7 On you guided private tour of Meiji Shrine your guide will take you on a trip back in time and go thru the magnificent history of this holy place.  Burnt down in 1945 in the war most of this area had to be rebuilt, so the shrine as it stands now was rebuilt in 1958.  Don't let the gap in history stop you from visiting this beautiful place.  The scenically beautiful main sanctuary is spectacular, and a must see tour.   
Edo Museum
8 On a guided private tour of Edo-Tokyo, Museum get ready for a unique experience.  On entry to the museum, you will cross over a replica of the Nihonbashi Bridge, and the journey begins.  See the scale models of the of the stunning Edo period buildings and shrines.  The museum is dedicated to representing the Japanese Edo pre-war cultural and historical buildings of Tokyo.  Its a wonderful and informative, fun museum visit. 
Tsukiji Fish Market
9 One of the staple tours in Tokyo; Tsukiji Market is a must see.  At this famous market, you will see a mix of retail and wholesale shops/stalls, and many restaurants.  Only recently opening it's doors to retail customers, this diverse market has kept its wholesale charm, great prices and fun banter.  Private tours are a daily occurrence here and great fun to see the range of fish and products available.  This Food Town is a must see when in Tokyo.    
Tokyo Ueno Zoo
10 Ueno Zoo is the most treasured and oldest Zoo in Japan.  Established in the late eighteen hundreds this Zoo is now home so some of the rarest animals in the world.  With sixty-three main sections, you can see the Tigers forest, children's zoo, animals of Africa, gorilla enclosure and birdhouse.  The main attractions are the polar bears, gorillas, elephants and giraffes.  Spend a great day on the many guided tours available and have fun!    

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