Belgium Private Tours Filled With Decadent Chocolate and Cultural Charm

From Antwerp Fashion, Bruges canals, castles and beer fests book Belgium Private Tours Filled With Decadent Chocolate and Cultural Charm for the most fun holiday you will ever take.

One of the biggest draws on Belgium tours for holidaymakers is the medieval town's fairs and carnivals where they serve the best and finest beers in the world but also the caves and forest watersports at the north sea beaches are great. For a touch of culture galleries and museums are full of history like from bizarre comic strips to fashion from the 21st century and well worth a visit. 

Let the activities begin!
Day Trip to Bruges on your own
4 reviews

You will marvel at the charm of the city, noted for its small lanes, its brightly coloured homes and the canals the encircle the medieval centre.

86 customer recommendations
1 days Paris
Half Day Brussels Private Walking Tour
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This half-day walking tour will allow you to explore the highlights of the Old Town with your own personal English-speaking guide.

2 to 3 hours Scheduling Private Tour Brussels
Half Day Bruges Private Walking Tour
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This leisure guided walk with your personal tour guide will allow you to explore the old town and cover most of the highlights.

2 to 3 hours Scheduling Private Tour Bruges
Half Day Sampling The Flavour of Brussels Private Walking Tour
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"It's more than a tour, it's more than a meal - it is an experience! A walking tour with visits to beer parlours, food stalls and chocolatiers in the Old Medieval city centre.

3 to 4 hours Scheduling Private Tour Brussels
Bastogne, Battle of te Bulge Full Day Private Tour From Brussels
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Bastogne War Museum with interactive audio guide + Mardasson Memorial + 101st airborne house. Private transportation and personal tour guide from your hotel in Brussels.

7 to 9 hours Scheduling Private Tour Brussels
Full Day Private Tour In The Countryside Of Brussels
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This tour takes you to the Ardennes, the south-eastern part of Belgium, and one of nature's unspoilt areas with vast forests and green valleys.

7 to 8 hours Scheduling Private Tour Brussels
100% Tailored Private Tour In Belgium
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We drive and escort you to any place of your choice in Belgium between 9 am and 8 pm. It's your choice: Antwerp, Bastogne, Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Waterloo, Ypres or beyond.

1 to 10 days" Scheduling Private Tour Brussels
Brussels Beer Tour
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Get to know the exciting world of Belgian Beers on our Brussels Beer Tour. Discover the different types of beer in Belgium, a small country in size with 1132 beer brands.

2 to 3 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Brussels
Day Trip to Bruges and Ghent From Brussels
0 reviews

Visit the two jewels of Belgium, a must for any traveller. If you only have one day and you can't easily make a decision, we offer you an alternative.

10 to 11 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Brussels
Guided Bruges Tour From Brussels
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Bruges, the Venice of the North, is one of the most visited medieval cities in Europe with 4 million tourists a year. Enjoy our one-day tour in Bruges with an English guide.

9 to 10 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Brussels
Treasures Of Flanders Ghent and Bruges from Brussels Full day Private Tour
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Discover Ghent and Bruges on this Private day trip. Visit St. Bavo's Cathedral (Sint-Baafskathedraal) and Sint-Baafsplein Casco Historico de la Ciudad.

7 to 9 hours Scheduling Private Tour Bruges

Top 10 Things to Do in Belgium

1 Famed for its hot thermal mineral-rich waters, Spa is Belgium's top health resort destination. Situated in the charming little town of Liege province with row upon row of regal facades and La Belle Époque architectural pieces, Tourists still congregate to the all-new Thermes baths that look over the downtown streets adorned with Parisian-style cafes and babbling fountains.
2 Declared a European Capital of Culture, Mons is located in the western part of Belgium. Built on a hill and home to the famous Belfry, one of the three UNESCO sites in the small town of Mons. It's many narrow cobbled streets lead to the historical centre and stunning main square, the Grand Place. Framing this beautiful square is contemporary cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. Visit Van Gogh’s preserved house and illustrious clock collection.
3 Brussels Grand Place square is said to be one of the most beautiful squares in the world. The sophisticated centre of culture in Europe is not only home to the famous chocolate but celebrated for its beer and waffles. If you're hungry when you start your trip, you won't be when you leave! The city is made up of bizarre dainty lanes that exhibit everything you could possibly need from Chocolate shops and expert beer cafés to comic book stores and eccentric flea markets. Find everything you're looking for on a walkin
4 Located in the east of Brussels, Leuven is best known for its range of activities for day-trippers and adventurers from neighbouring Bruges and Brussels. Find everything from gastronomy, gothic architecture to nature with its famous Kruidtuin botanical gardens - the oldest herbal gardens in Belgium. Leuven is renowned for its university campus and breweries which are very much still at the heart of this up and coming city. 
5 This unknown enchantress, nestled between Antwerp and Brussels, is voted the best place to visit while in Belgium. With it's towering St. Rumbold's tower, child-friendly museums and award-winning brewery it's not hard to see why! The Vismarkt or “Fish Market” is where Mechelen's fish trade indeed used to occur. To this day you can still find a few fish shops by the water, but it’s mostly the place to go to have a drink or a delicious meal.
6 When visiting Ypres, you should be prepared to visit many dark sites, but there is also plenty of allure in the city to admire too. Surprisingly much of the medieval architecture remains, and like many Belgian cities, the market square contains a splendid formation of buildings. There is also good food, with mainly traditional Flemish cuisines and of course - more beer.
7 Belgium's second city and home to the biggest port, Antwerp is said to be the capital of cool! In the heart of the city lies its cathedral which was once the biggest constructions in the world. The popular Grote Market is Antwerp's biggest tourist destination. Framed by amazing buildings and classy bars and restaurants, Grote Market draws in the crowds with its vibrant fashion and entertainment scene. With its own zoo and quiet gardens, make enough time in your itinerary to really appreciate Antwerps beauty.
8 Located in eastern Belgium, Durbuy is known for its stone houses and cobbled streets. Durbuy, although classed as the smallest city in the world, its size is substantial than that of Vatican City, which is the smallest country in the world. Durbuy is said to be the land of green gold with breathtaking villages and hamlets, take a walking tour through its countless forests. The quirky Topiary Garden is a must do, see the trees and hedges of this park shaped into amazing abstract formations.
9 Ghent is said to be Belgium's best-kept secret, small and cosy yet still big an vibrant. Ghent is home to a bustling youth and student population. With quirky bars and affordable restaurants, eccentric Ghent offers an absorbing cultural cocktail overflowing with trendy, modern urban life. Take a boat ride down the canal and see the idyllic lifestyle of the locals sunbathing, drinking and eating on possibly the most beautiful waterfronts in Europe!
10 The sleepy medieval town of Bruges is surrounded by ornate houses and cobbled alleys. Romance seekers flock to its pretty canal for the chance of long-lasting love after a smooch on The Minnemeer bridge. As well as it's charming parks, carpeted with daffodils in spring, Bruges offers a magical atmosphere in winter when it's celebrated Christmas market comes alive. On a guided tour your heart will most definitely be captured by Beautiful Bruges.
Belgium Private Tours Filled With Decadent Chocolate and Cultural Charm

Belguim private culture tours to the region where the famous battle of Waterloo took place and Napoleon met his match are very popular. During the First and Second World Wars, Belgium found itself in the frontline. The World War I battlefields of Ypres are now essential pilgrimage sites that are among the most popular places to visit private Belgium custom tours.

Whether you're here for the ancient or modern history, Belgium sightseeing tours provide a big chunk of European heritage.

Prepare yourself if your book Belgium City tours or foodie tours you will add a few inches to your waistline. Belgium's remarkable range of comestible specialities goes far beyond the country's size and isn't aimed at weight-watchers.

Brussels and Liège compete over what constitutes the perfect waffle, while countless speciality shops sell some of the world's most luscious chocolates. Jumbo mussels are served with crispy, twice-fried fried that you'll only call 'French' fries to your detriment. Then, of course, there’s beer, brewing is an almost mystical art in Belgium with a dazzling rainbow of different styles, most notably the six great Trappist beers, still created within active monasteries.