Let's Party, Guided Tour of Zurich and the Hip Hop Vibrant Nightlife!

Zurich is the largest business location and is the greatest city in Switzerland as well as the capital of the canton of Zürich.

What makes the Zurich attractive to tourists? 

Of course, some would say that as a quality of life, host of museums, financial services city or attractive taxation rates that attract people. Zurich tours and attractions satisfy everyone's tastes. 

With a hopping nightlife, full of never-ending pubs as well as dining places, this cosmopolitan location is active with some activity. 

Zurich is furthermore established on an attractive lake, close to the mountains, as well as being near to plenty of other metropolitan areas.

 It’s an incredibly intercontinental city, and then you’ll come across expats as well as college students from all across the globe residing not to mention working right here.

The traditional central part that opens up on the river while you take a private tour of the place, relaxing in the recreational areas, and also having a home made beer on the lakefront. 

The town just happens to be very arty and also filled with streets artwork together with exhibitions. Although very costly thanks to almost all the banking institutions in the city, Zurich is an urban area well worth residing for several days.   Read More...

Let's Go Dancing in the Street With a Guided Tour of Zurich's August Street Parade

Let's Party, Guided Tour of Zurich and the Hip Hop Vibrant Nightlife!

Presently the greatest open-air techno new wave in European countries. 2nd of August sees the fantastic Street parade bring millions to the city.

Each and every year, this occasion fascinates practically a million guests who go dancing in the streets to songs that could be heard everywhere in the urban centre. 

If that's too hectic head out to the ski resort  – Flumserberg is the closest large ski-resort.

It’s well-liked by individuals from Zurich, with an excellent array of runs for newcomers as well as professionals. 

Top Things to Do in Zurich

Swiss Chocolate Tour
1 You can't holiday here without trying the delicious Swiss chocolate! With many chocolate outlets all over the city, you ought to check out  guided tour of the Sprungli shop where you can get the chance to make your own!  Yes, please ! If you’re fortunate enough, you could find them passing out free samples outside the stores and then quick snack free of charge.
Rietberg Museum
2 For a full day of intercontinental art, take a walking guided tour and see the Rietberg Museum, which has assortments from non-European lands. Some of the artefacts here originate from Parts of Asia, the African continent, as well as the Oceania region. You will discover plenty of beautiful sculptures right here, in fact, the building on its own is unique with stunning architecture.
Ancient City
3 This lovely ancient city is an excellent way to chill and relax at one of the many cafes and restaurants with a coffee and a pastry and watch the locals go about their day. A variety of bars and plenty of street vendors selling their wares such as cheese and the gorgeous Swiss chocolate, what's not to love about this place !!    
Hiking Tour
4 With Zurichberg to the East of the city as well as Uetliberg to the West; the location possesses some great hills for hiking that provide fantastic views over the lush green valley. While Zurichberg seems nearer to the city, Uetliberg has a far more organic atmosphere for hiking and also have excellent mountain-biking trails. Take a hiking guided tour and enjoy peace away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
Swiss Nationwide Day 
5 Famously celebrated on August first, festivities are performed in the evenings as well as fireworks are released at nighttime. Keep an eye on all of them over the river, or possibly if you’re competent with safely-launching fireworks on your own, you could buy these in the days leading up to the nationwide holiday as well as have fun. The show over the Rheinfall, at least an hour away by S-Bahn, is furthermore increasingly popular
River Promenade
6 Throughout the summertime, the river is an attractive destination to devote the evening or perhaps the weekend. Beginning with Bellevue, the boardwalk is right of around 3 kilometres along the river in the direction of Tiefenbrunnen. Around halfway from Bellevue, you can find a meadow that’s great to relax in and have a picnic on a sun-drenched day in your walking tours of Zurich. It's a great way to unwind at the end of the day.
The Matterhorn
7 The Matterhorn! Incredible, awe-inspiring views over the mountains. On the ground in the morning, all we saw was clouds, but there was CCTV showing the sun and mountains above the clouds. Jaw dropping experience when you see through the layer of clouds to view the Matterhorn! Private tours are available with licenced guides.The most visited mountain in Switzerland.
Zurich Zoo
8 A fabulous Zoo huge and plenty of space for the animals to roam which is ideal. They have many volunteers with a passion for animals who tour guide you around the zoo answering any questions. The tropical Madagascar is amazing, and all the animals seem very at home as if it's their natural habitat. The new elephant enclosure is massive!      
Swiss National Museum
9  The Christmas scenes designed by the nuns are stunning, the attention to detail is astounding on some of them especially the decoupage pieces.There is an Interesting model of the battle of Morat, a large rotating wheel showing Swiss myth icons.  The archaeology section has some unusual items in it, especially the nearly 2000-year-old glassware. The collections section has some fascinating old items including a 1000-year-old wooden donkey and over 300-year-old clothing.
FIFA World Football Museum
10 A must for football fans if you are in Zurich. Everything you need to know about FIFA. The interactive experience, great exhibition of football memorabilia. It is even great for kids, especially near the end where they can play lots of different interactive soccer games. You can spend a good few hours in here playing games and viewing the memorabilia. Take a private tour and learn the history of FIFA.      

Travel Tips for Zurich

Let the activities begin!