Discover Montenegro’s Unique Nature, Wild Beauty and Magnificent Coast

Located in Southeastern Europe on the Balkan Peninsula, Montenegro has stunning vistas at every turn. This tiny country has so much to offer when you considered that it is smaller than Wales. Come and see for yourself its unique nature, wild beauty and magnificent coast on a private guided tour.

Established in 2006, Montenegro is fast becoming a popular tourist destination. Bordered by Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia, and Croatia, and surrounded by the beautiful Adriatic Coast, you will be amazed at the sights of ancient walled towns that seem to cling to the mountains. The country's wild nature is exceptionally unique, as it is mostly untouched and makes for the most fantastic photo opportunities.

If you like adventure, there are many super experiences to enjoy, such as whitewater rafting on the Tara River. At the Tara River, you can zipline above the famous canyon, which is the second-largest in the world next to the Grand Cayon. You can also take a hiking tour in one of the five National Parks and ski in some of the best slopes in Europe.

The beaches in Montenegro are magnificent, with the mountains rising in the background. The country enjoys a Mediterranean climate, which is perfect for all beach addicts, and there are many activities for the kids.

Let the activities begin!
6 Day Chill Out in Montenegro
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5 nights, 6 days Chill out in Montenegro. Discover the beauties of Montenegro whilst chilling out on a lovely relaxing trip.

6 days Scheduling Shared Tour Podgorica
5 Day Montenegro Fairytale
0 reviews

Fairytale Montenegro 5-day tour exploring amazing landscapes and discovering a country steeped in cultural heritage. Take a train ride through beautiful mountains and cliffs

5 days Scheduling Shared Tour Podgorica
Montenegro 6 Day Relaxation Tour
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Relax and enjoy 6 days in beautiful Montenegro. Explore the mountains, cities and beaches as well a visiting most of the major historical sites in the country

6 days Scheduling Shared Tour Podgorica
Beauties of Montenegro 5 Day Tour
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5-day tour in Montenegro. Enjoy stunning wild beauty as you explore in the mountains. Learn about the cultural heritage and historical background to this beautiful country

5 days Scheduling Shared Tour Podgorica
8 Day Montenegro Active Tour
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Spend 8 days experiencing the best Montenegro has to offer. Enjoy hiking in the mountains, whitewater rafting, horseriding, cruising and visit many cultural sites!

8 days Scheduling Shared Tour Podgorica
3 Day Adriatic And Rafting Mixed Tour Montenegro
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Fun 3-day tour rafting on the Tara river and exploring Budva's major attractions. See the famous Tara canyon and experience some traditional Montenegrin cuisine

3 days Scheduling Shared Tour Podgorica
Explore the Montenegro Mountains on a 9 Day Tour
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Visit the best sights in Montenegro on this nine-day hiking tour. Learn about the countries history and culture and spend the day sightseeing in its capital Podgorica

9 days Scheduling Shared Tour Podgorica
4 Day Mini Montenegro Tour
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Spend four days and three nights exploring Montenegro's beautiful landscapes, cities and historic sights including Budva, one of the oldest towns in the Adriatic Sea

4 days Scheduling Shared Tour Podgorica
7 Day Best of Montenegro Tour
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Discover the best Montenegro has to offer on this amazing 7-day holiday of a lifetime. Visit beautiful villages and witness some of the best scenery in the world

7 days Scheduling Shared Tour Podgorica

Top 10 Things to Do in Montenegro

1 Montenegro's capital city has undergone five name changes as everyone seems to have had a claim on it. Its streets are a mixture of high-rise blocks and brand new malls. However; it is well worth a visit. The city is full of cultural interest and has many galleries and museums where you can learn about the countries turbulent past. There are also many parks, and you will discover the vibrant cafe culture where you can mix with the locals.
Durmitor National Park
2 If you like nature and adventure, then a private sightseeing tour to Durmitor National Park is a must. Not only can you enjoy stunning scenery but for adrenaline lovers, there is a vast range of activities to partake in. You can hike Bobotov Kuk, Montenegro’s highest peak or go rafting in the rapids on the Tara River. Take great photographs at Tara River Canyon, which is the second biggest in the world or, hit the slopes for some of the best skiing in the Balkans.
Njegoš Mausoleum
3 Take the 461 steps up to this magnificent Mausoleum and visit the tomb of Petar II Petrović-Njegoš, one of the countries most loved cultural leaders. You can see the monument from a 360-degree viewing circle, from where you will also have stunning views of more than half of the country.
Lake Skadar
4 This is the perfect place to experience Montenegro’s amazing beauty. You can explore the lake on a boat tour or kayak. Hire a bike as well as enjoy walking in many of the areas hiking trails. There is something for all of the family, young and old, and this is a great place to sample award-winning wines.
5 Located near the Albanian border in southern Montenegro this ancient seaport was once known as the pirate capital of the Adriatic. Today, you can enjoy its beautiful sandy beaches or visit the island of Ad Bojana. You will discover a distinctly eastern flavour as the town has many Mosques and the Old Town is an excellent place to people watch.
Ostrog Monastery
6 Take a guided private tour to this unique architectural site and major Christian pilgrimage destination. It is hard to believe that the monastery is carved out of a cave on a nearly sheer cliff face. The monastery is one of the three most-visited Christian destinations in the world. The lower monastery is 2 kilometres below the shrine commonly known as ‘Sv Vasilije’s miracle’ as no one seems to know how it was built.
7 This old Venetian city in the heart of the Bay of Kotor is a hugely popular destination in Montenegro. You will find lots of shops and many little museums and churches to explore. Immerse yourself in its old town charm which is steeped in history on a cultural walking tour. Climb up to the San Giovanni Fortress and enjoy the views over the town.
8 Cetinje was once the capital of Montenegro, and today it is home to the countries best museums. Visit the monastery and Biljarda Castle on a guided walking tour and learn about this towns historical past. As you walk through the streets, you will be amazed by the architecture and understand more about the towns Balkan past. Enjoy a coffee with the locals with the Black mountain rising in the background.
Stari Bar
9 Due to wars and earthquakes, the old town is now abandoned; however; it is well worth a visit as restoration work has been taking place with shops and restaurants appearing around the ancient ruins. Here you can enjoy walking around the old stone houses and visit the fortress, a Turkish bath, churches and the clock tower. Stari Bar is surrounded by stunning mountains, a deep gorge and old olive trees.
10 Not only can you enjoy the towns vibrant nightlife, but you will discover a rich cultural heritage as you visit the many monuments, galleries and churches. In summer there are many local theatrical performances for everyone to enjoy and the Budva coastline is said to be one of the most beautiful in the world.
Discover Montenegro’s Unique Nature, Wild Beauty and Magnificent Coast

Learn about Montenegro's turbulent past on a private guided cultural tour. This tiny country is bursting with historic sites due to many occupations and ancient civilisations in the past. The beautiful town of Kotor has many architectural wonders which include the Castle of San Giovanni where the tower and fortress were built over one thousand years ago.

Discover the fantastic Budva Citadel which is built on the edge of the cliffs overlooking beautiful golden sandy beaches, and the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic sea.  One of the most visited tourist attractions is the Ostrog Monastery which is built almost vertically into the cliffs and was founded in 1773.

A Montenegro holiday will prove that big things come in small packages as it has something to suit everyone along with magnificent landscapes that will remain with you for a lifetime.