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Explore the Montenegro Mountains on a 9 Day Tour

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Duration: 9 days
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On this nine-day tour, you will discover the “wild beauty” of the “black mountains” and panoramic views that you will never forget.

Montenegro is a hiking paradise, whether we are talking about high mountains in the north of the country: Bjelasica, Sinjajevina, Komovi and Durmitor or the coastal mountains of Orjen, Lovćen and Rumija, which are equally attractive because they have fantastic views of the Adriatic Sea.

Enjoy the unspoiled nature of green areas, beautiful mountain landscapes, floral fields, mountain lakes and rivers.

You will also visit various historical sights including, the museum of ‘’Marko Miljanov, the mausoleum of bishop and writer Peter II Petrović Njegoš, Rustovo Monastery and Vrmac fortress.

On the first day of your tour, you will be taken on a guided tour of Montenegro’s capital city Podgorica and explore all of its major highlights.

During this easy to middle range hiking tour, you will be able to experience Montenegro’s rich history and culture and as well as the great hikes; you will get to try the local cuisine and wine.

  • Enjoy traditional cuisine
  • Hike in Vrmac Mountain
  • Visit Rustovo Monastery
  • Explore Njegoš’s mausoleum
  • Lovćen Mountain and National Park
  • Hike in Bjelasica mountain
  • See the Glacier lakes
  • Walk through the beautiful valley of Surutka
  • Visit Durmitor mountain and National Park
  • Hike in the stunning Mrtvica canyon
  • Amazing views at Grlo Sokolovo
  • The chance to visit stunning places in Montenegro
  • Fully licensed travel guides
  • All transfers included
  • Sightseeing in Podgorica
Good to Know
  • Scheduling Scheduling: Shared Tour
  • Languages offered on the Activity / TourLanguages offered on the Activity / Tour: English
  • Duration Duration: 9 days
  • Printed or Mobile Voucher Accepted Printed or Mobile Voucher Accepted
  • Pick-up service Pick-up service
    Pick-up and drop-off from either Podgorica or Tivat airport
  • Easy Cancellation Easy Cancellation
    The date of receipt of written cancellation is the basis for calculating the fee that belongs to the organizer, expressed as a percentage of the total travel price, as follows: 5% if the travel is cancelled up to 45 days before the start of the travel (timely cancellation) 10% if the travel is cancelled from 44 to 30 before the beginning of the travel, 20% if it is cancelled 29 to 20 days before the beginning of the travel, 40% if it is cancelled 19 to 15 days before the beginning of the travel, 80% if cancelled 14 to 10 days before the beginning of the travel, 90% if it is cancelled 9 to 6 days before the beginning of the travel, 100% if it is cancelled 5 to 0 days before the beginning of the travel or during the travel.
  • Instant Confirmation Instant Confirmation
  • Modern, air-conditioned vehicles
  • Travel insurance
  • Road expenses and parking
  • Travel expenses
  • Residence tax and insurance
  • Lunch at the restaurant in Budva (8th day)
  • Lunch at the restaurant in Budva (7th day)
  • Lunch at the restaurant on Ivana Korita (6th day)
  • Lunch at the restaurant in Žabljak (4th day)
  • Lunch at the restaurant in Kolašin (3rd day)
  • Lunch at the restaurant in Podgorica (2nd day)
  • Accommodation in apartment / hotel in Kolašin - 2 nights (BB)
  • Sightseeing of Podgorica accompanied by a licensed tourist guide (English language) - 2 hours
  • Panoramic sightseeing of Podgorica
  • Transfer airport - hotel - airport
  • Travel health insurance
  • Hiking sticks
  • Travel guide for hiking tours (English language)
  • Hotel accommodation in a double/triple room in Podgorica, Hotel 3 or 4 * - 2 nights (BB, dinner on the day of arrival)
  • Hotel accommodation in a double/triple room in a 4 * hotel on Ivanova Korita – 2 nights (BB)
  • Hotel accommodation in a double/triple room in a hotel with 3 or 4 * in Budva / Bečići – 2 nights (BB)
  • Lunch in ’Vranjak’ in Kolašin (5th day)
  • Other non-program costs
  • Visits to the bars and restaurants not listed in the program
  • Drinks and food not listed in the program
  • Transfer from an airport that is not listed in the program
  • A tourist guide for hiking tours for a specific language

On arrival at the airport (Podgorica or Tivat) we will begin our Podgorica city tour.

You will start with an easy walk through the city accompanied by a guide – 2 hours. We start the tour from the Republic Square which is the main city square. We will pass through Bokeška Street with its nice cafes and urban look, and a favourite place for young people to meet.

We will see the Millennium Bridge that represents the visual identity of the city and we will visit the Sastavci – Skaline – the oldest bridge in Podgorica.

The Old Town located in the very heart of Podgorica preserves rich historical and cultural heritage. The most beautiful example of architecture remaining from the Turkish period is the Clock Tower, which is a symbol of Podgorica, and which we will visit.

After visiting the Old Town, we will head towards the Centre of Contemporary Art – Kruševac – the former winter mansion of King Nikola I Petrović. Then we continue our walk to the Temple of the Resurrection of Christ, the third-largest Orthodox temple in the world. Our last stop is to St. George’s Church which dates from the IX-XI century.

Overnight in your Podgorica 3-4 star hotel

  • Dinner
  • Accommodation :

Elevation: 1557m
Track length: 4 km (in both directions)
Weight: Easy
Readiness: Small
Duration: 1: 30h

After breakfast at the hotel, you will be driven to the starting point of the hiking tour. You will be taken to the region of Kuči where you will experience Montenegrin wildlife.

Only 40 minutes walk from Kučka Korita there is a viewpoint known as Grlo Sokolovo, located at the very border of Montenegro and neighbouring Albania. From here there are unique views of Cijevna canyon, the Albanian settlement Tamare and the Albanian part of the Prokletije.

The tour is easy and adequate for all ages and fitness possibilities, so we recommend it as one in a series of tours which can’t be missed. During this hiking tour, we will take a break in the winery “Rajković” where you will enjoy tasting food and wine.

We will visit the museum of ‘’Marko Miljanov’’ famous writer, military commander, tribal champion and hero, as well as Medun – Meteon Old Town. After completing the tour, we will have lunch at a traditional restaurant.

Overnight in your Podgorica 3-4 star hotel

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Accommodation :

Altitude: 586m
Track length: 13km (in both directions)
Weight: Easy
Readiness: Small-medium
Duration: 5 – 6 h

After breakfast at the hotel, you will check-out and we will drive towards Mrtcica canyon.

Mrtvica canyon is located 35 km from Kolašin in the direction of Podgorica, in the village of Međuriječje. It is one of the most beautiful canyons of the former Yugoslavia.

You will enjoy the beauty of the canyon, and at the entrance to the canyon, we will see a small, stone bridge that Prince Danilo raised in 1858 in honour of his mother who originated from this area. The bridge was named “Danilo’s bridge”.

Walking along the path leading right along the rock, we will reach the “Gate of Wish”, which is made up of two rocks connected at the top. Here we will have a short break.

The gate is connected to the story that the fairy from Maganik will fulfil your wish if you throw a jackstone in the river. The special attraction of this part of the hike is a narrow passage into the rock. This was completed by the army in 1973, led by General Danilo Jauković. In this way, the two villages of Mrtvo Duboko and Velje Duboko were connected, and the locals called it “Danilo’s road”. We will eventually arrive at Stone Beach, which is the end of your hike.

Here we will have a short break for a rest before we continue our journey towards Kolašin where we will have lunch at a restaurant.

Overnight in apartments/hotel in Kolašin


  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Accommodation :

Altitude: 2.523m
Track length: 12km
Weight: Medium
Readiness: Medium-High
Duration: 5 – 6 h

After breakfast at your hotel, we will drive to Durmitor. It is believed that the name Durmitor originates from the Celtic word that means “a mountain full of water “ and the area was declared a national park in 1952.
Bobotov Kuk (2.523 meters high) is the highest peak in the Durmitor mountain massif. It is also the highest peak in Montenegro.

This hiking mountain tour starts from the bend Sedlo, towards the north, with a mild climb. Already at the start, we will enjoy the beauty of the landscape as we will pass grassy, meadow trails, and sharp rocky roads. We will enter the beautiful valley of “Surutka” from where we will see our goal, Bobotov Kuk.

On the way to the highest peak, we will find fresh spring wells and enjoy drinking the refreshing mountain water. Bobotov Kuk together with the peaks ‘’No Name’’ Peak (2487 m) and ‘’Damsel’’ (SOA, 2440 m) meet the highest rocky ridge of Durmitor called Soa Heavenly, which means “The Underlay of the Sky”.

We will enjoy the view of the Škrčka lakes, which are called “mountain eyes” with the rest of the Durmitor lake group (a total of 18 glacier lakes). From the peaks of Durmitor, there is a wonderful view in all directions, which you will definitely permeate with great photos!

The tour is conditioned medium to heavy. The altitude difference that passes from Sedlo to the top is 820m. The final climb is technically more demanding (the last 20 minutes of climb to the top), rocky and requires caution, however: the track has enough space to walk in its entire course. It is secured and has space for a safe step so it is not risky and technically demanding.

Lunch at a restaurant in Žabljak.

Overnight in your apartments/hotel in Kolašin

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Accommodation :

Altitude: 2.117m
Track length: 11km
Weight: Medium
Readiness: Medium
Duration: 5 – 6 h

After breakfast, we will drive to the start of your hiking tour.

Bjelasica is a mountain located in the heart of Montenegro, in the central-continental part, and thus it is evenly branched in four directions, and in fact, has a shape of a circle. Its length and width is 30 kilometres, and the surface is about 630 km². The boundaries are two large rivers, Lim and Tara, and the northern Ljuboviđa and Lepenica. It belongs to the municipalities of Kolašin, Mojkovac, Bijelo Polje, Berane and Andrijevica.

Bjelasica Mountain is characterized by three specificities and important comparative advantages: very easy passage and accessibility to the highest mountain peaks, a great wealth of forest, and masses of flowing water. The mountain has a very good potential for skiing, and it also has a well-known Montenegrin ski resort “Jezerine”.

Bjelasica differs from other mountains in the region of volcanic origin, so hence, green summers, and white winters. It is abundant with streams and rivers, of which perhaps the most important and most beautiful Biogradska River, which flows into the pearl of this mountain, Biogradsko lake.

The highest peak of Bjelasica is the Crna glava (Black Head), at 2,139 meters high. However, what this mountain is most renowned for is its fairytale lakes of which there are six.

Today on this hiking trail that starts from the ski slopes, you will enjoy the natural landscape of this region.
Bjelasica adorns even Small and Large Ursulovačko and Small and Large Šiško lake which we will also visit. We will take a break in Vranjak village, where you can enjoy the cafeteria and tastes of traditional food.

Overnight in a four-star hotel in Ivanova Korita

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Accommodation :

Lovćen – Jezerski vrh (Lake peak)
Altitude: 1657 m
Course length: 8km
Weight: Light-Medium
Readiness: Medium
Duration: 4 – 5 h

Lovćen is a mountain in Montenegro, located in the southwestern part of the country and extends to the Adriatic Sea.

The two largest peaks of the mountain are Štirovnik (1749 m) and Jezerski vrh – Lake peak (1657 m). There are 1158 plant species, of which there are 4 endemic species.

The most imposing monument of the National Park Lovćen is Njegoš’s mausoleum, built at Lake peak, a place that this prominent poet and thinker even chose an eternal rest for life.

Lovćen is not only a mountain, but Lovćen is also a holy place that every Montenegrin or their guest experiences as holy. Something like Olympus is for old Greeks or Mount Ararat for Armenians.

Enjoy the experience of climbing countless stairs to Njegoš’s mausoleum and terrace. Legend says that the Montenegrin king outsmarted the Turkish sultan, seeking freedom and independence for Montenegro. He told the sultan that Montenegro is all the territory that is covered by the view from the top of Lovćen. The Sultan, thinking that from the top of the mountain there could not be viewed a large territory, he made a promise to the Montenegrin King that what could be viewed would become Montenegro, and only later realized how the king outsmarted him.

The starting point of our ascent is from the Ivanova Korita from the Hotel Monte Rosa. Up to the Jezerski vrh – Lake peak, is about a 2 hours walk where we will take a break in the enclosure of Njegoš’s mausoleum.
The return is the same path to the hotel where we will have lunch.

Overnight in your four-star hotel in Ivanova Korita.

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Accommodation :

Altitude: from 765 m to 40 m
Track length: 9 km
weight: Medium
Readiness: Medium
Duration: 4 – 5 h

After breakfast at your hotel, we will drive towards Brajići, the starting point of the tour.

The tour starts from Brajići, by the path to the fortress, Kosmač (Austrian fortress from the XIX century). There is an excellent viewpoint where we will have a short break for exploring the fortress. Then, slowly we continue to the Hunting lodge, climbing to the old Austrian road, and from there by the straight old Austrian road to Ograđenica, where the Spiridon Monastery is located.

From Kosmač to Ograđenica, it is about a 2h and 30 min walk. When we arrive, we will take a longer break. Then, we descend through the wide macadam road to Rustovo Monastery. From Rustovo Monastery we go to the viewpoint at Čelobrdo, from where we descend downJegorov path.

Lunch at a restaurant.

Check-in hotel 3 or 4* in Budva/Bečići. Free time. Overnight stay.

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Accommodation :

Altitude: 785m
Track length: 5 km
Weight: Medium
Readiness: Medium
Duration: 5 – 6 h

After breakfast, we will transfer to the starting point of today's hike.

We will begin mountain hiking through marked paths, and enjoy the beauty of untouched nature, over rocky areas. Vrmac is decorated with numerous plant species and has beautiful rural architecture.
We will climb to the first viewpoint which has fantastic views of Tivat bay and Kotor bay.
Today we will visit Vrmac fortress, one of the best-preserved Austro-Hungarian fortifications in the Bay of Kotor, built-in 1860.
When we come to the top of St. Ilija, there are more great views of the entire bay and the surrounding mountain peaks.
We will take a short break before we descend to the other side of Vrmac, through the village of Donja Lastva.
Lunch at a restaurant in Budva.

Overnight in hotel 3 or 4* in Budva/Bečići

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Accommodation :

After breakfast, you will have some free time before your transfer to the airport.

  • Breakfast
Meeting Point
Pick-up and drop-off from either Podgorica or Tivat airport

Know Before You Go
  • Dress according to the weather
  • Travel health insurance (additional option for an extra fee)
  • Transfer from another airport (in the region) (additional option for an extra fee)
  • A licensed tourist guide for hiking tours for a specific language (additional option for an extra fee)
  • Take a sweet, energy drink, hat, sun protection
  • Readiness: Good physical and mental health
  • Waterproof clothes, additional protective equipment from the rain – depending on weather conditions
  • Equipment: Comfortable shoes, sneakers or climbing shoes
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