Kick It in Kyoto With Brilliant Buddhist Temples on Private City Tours

One of Japan's largest cities located in the Honshu district Kyoto has a lot to offer sightseeing tourists on private guided tours.  With stunning scenic hills all around the city, Kyoto is the education hub of the western region of Japan and a most popular holiday destination on the Island.

Kyoto has held onto its history and traditions and was one of the cities that evaded damaged from the 1945 bomb.  Even though there are several new universities situated there the old town and its residents keep the culture of Kyoto alive.  City escorted tours are a perfect way to see Kyoto at its best with beautiful city sculptures, museums, art galleries and some of the oldest buildings and architectural sites in Japan.

There are close to 30 Buddhist Temples, and 200 Shinto Shrines in Kyoto and many tour guides will escort you around these impressive temples full of magical history and stunning decorative features.

Let the activities begin!
Kyoto Temple, Shrine, Geiko & Sake Private Tour
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An amazing tour to Kyoto Temple, the famous Geisha Gion District Yasui Shrine, Yasaka Shrine and Shijo Street with sake in the evening.

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7 hours Scheduling Private Tour Kyoto
Kyoto’s Arashiyama Bamboo Forest & Temple Garden Tour
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Visit the spectacular Arashiyama bamboo forest and Tenryuiji Temple with its beautiful gardens before taking in the sights of the famous Kinkakuji Golden Pavilion.

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6 to 7 hours Scheduling Private Tour Kyoto
Fushimi Inari, Sanjusangendo Temple & Sake Tour
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Discover beautiful Fushimi Inari Shrine and if you like, climb the mountain before visiting sanjusangendo, famous for its 1001 statues of kannon.

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6 to 8 hours Scheduling Private Tour Kyoto
Private Kyoto Garden Tour
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Let's go on an amazing journey where we will visit three splendid Gardens of Kyoto! Saihoji, Okochi Sanso Villa and The Ryoanji Temple.

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7 to 8 hours Scheduling Private Tour Kyoto
Byōdō-in Temple
1 Inaugurated in 988AD, the beautiful Byōdō-in Temple is full of shrines, outbuildings, paintings and artwork worthy of any high-end gallery.  Kyoto private city tours to the Temple are usually full as this is one of the oldest in the city.  The alters and ceiling decoration laid with mother of pearl is amazing and watch out for the statue of Amida which is stunningly decorated. Walk around the well-kept gardens which appeals to all visitors to the Temple.      
The Golden Pavilion
2 The Golden Pavilion is, without doubt, one of the most visually stunning sights on Kyoto sightseeing tours. Originally constructed in the 14th century for Ashikaga Yoshimitsu (Shogun) the building is famed for its gold leaf painted top floors which can be seen from miles away. Situated on a pond which only adds to its beauty and the gardens and grounds are on another level in comparison to any other gardens in the city.   
The Nijo Castle
3 Constructed in the early 1600's the Nijo Castle has many sightseeing opportunities and guided tours.  The complex is vast with some highlights including the stunning East Gate, The Ninomaru Palace and many apartments and outbuildings. The Castle is adorned with some magnificent works of art, and decorative features that are just a visual experience and the sight is of course very popular with tourists and visitors to this region of Japan.
4 The Sanjúsangen-dó Temple is unusual in that it has a unique design. The original building was designed to reflect the legend of The Goddess of Mercy, so the building had 33 facts as the Goddess is believed to have had 33 personas.  Following a fire, the building was rebuilt in 1266 and has a lot to offer on private guided Kyoto city tours. There are lovely works of art on display with weapons, and one feature is the 500 reliefs of the Goddess.    
Kyoto Imperial Palace
5 The beautiful Kyoto Imperial Palace has been rebuilt many times over the centuries, the present palace was constructed in 1855 and remains one of the most loved sites in Kyoto.  Private Guided Tours (pre-book same) of the Palace which is situated in the heart of Kyoto takes visitors on a lovely journey through time, the grounds of the Palace are gorgeous and admired by both the locals and visitors to the city.      
6 The famous Fushimi-Inari Shrine is a stop off on all guided Kyoto city tours. Dedicated to Ukanomitama-no-Mikoto the goddess of rice and constructed in the 700's it is visited by many locals to bring prosperity to their crops every year.  Some of the buildings date to the 1500's, and you will see some beautifully decorated archways and rooms with many sculptures and reliefs.   
Kiyomizu Temple
7 Located to the far east of the city of Kyoto The Kiyomizu-Dera Temple is situated at the Otowa Mountain, and the views are spectacular. Guided private temple tours are readily available daily, and the tour guides have some great stories and myths about the Temple.  Dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy the entrance way is marvellous and the sightseeing opportunities are uniquely incredible and perfect for tourists looking for lovely photo opportunities.     
The Temple Nishi Honganji
8 The Jodo-Shinshu sect called the Nishi Hongaji Temple their main sanctuary, and it is a perfect example of beautiful Buddist architecture. On your guided tour which is included in many Kyoto private city tours, you will see many stunningly decorated rooms with statues including the Shinran which has the ashes of the remains of Buddist. Book your guided tour as there are only a few of the vast buildings and rooms available to tourists.         
Kyoto National Museum
9 The National Kyoto Museum was started in the late 1800's and is one of the most impressive Museums in Japan.  There are many pieces of art, but the main exhibition is the collection of pre-modern Asia art from Japan.  Renovated in 2014 the new Museum is spread out into a number of different buildings so take some time out to visit and book your private guided tour before you get there.     
Gion's Geishas
10 The Gion area of Kyoto is famous for being the most popular Geisha districts in the city and is very popular with tourists on guided tours. The area has an unusual mix of architectures with some modern buildings and lovely historic and traditional buildings. There are many tea houses in the area with traditional Geishas ready to give you a taste of the old Japan. There are also beautiful Temples and public walkways which are picture postcard perfect.      

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