Kick It in Kyoto With Brilliant Buddhist Temples on Private City Tours

One of Japan's largest cities located in the Honshu district Kyoto has a lot to offer sightseeing tourists on private guided tours.  With stunning scenic hills all around the city, Kyoto is the education hub of the western region of Japan and a most popular holiday destination on the Island.

Kyoto has held onto its history and traditions and was one of the cities that evaded damaged from the 1945 bomb.  Even though there are several new universities situated there the old town and its residents keep the culture of Kyoto alive.  City escorted tours are a perfect way to see Kyoto at its best with beautiful city sculptures, museums, art galleries and some of the oldest buildings and architectural sites in Japan.

There are close to 30 Buddhist Temples, and 200 Shinto Shrines in Kyoto and many tour guides will escort you around these impressive temples full of magical history and stunning decorative features.   Read More...

Travel Tips for Kyoto

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