Check Out Old Japans Traditional City Kurashiki on Guided Private Tours

Kurashiki is one of Japan oldest and highly traditional merchant towns and a perfect city to really see how the people of Japan worked and lived for hundreds of years.  Located at the foot of Mount Tsurugata and along a perfectly situated canal take a boat ride to get another perspective of the sightseeing opportunities and traditional buildings along the way on a private custom tours.

Kurashiki has lovely white-walled preserved storehouses with original lattice windows that still stand as Thankfully the town was not damaged by the Hiroshima bomb.  The scenes and sights along the canal are picture postcard perfect just as you would imagine a city to be in Japan; amazingly they have held on tightly to keeping Kurashiki as close to its original state as possible.    Read More...


Travel Tips for Kurashiki

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