Check Out Old Japans Traditional City Kurashiki on Guided Private Tours

Kurashiki is one of Japan's oldest and much loved highly traditional merchant towns and a perfect City to really see how the people of Japan worked and lived for hundreds of years.  Located perfectly at the foot of Mount Tsurugata and along an ideally situated beautiful canal, you will spend a lovely holiday here.  

A boat ride is a must in to get another perspective of the sightseeing opportunities and traditional buildings along the way on private Kurashiki custom tours. The Bikan quarter is home to many warehouses that have been converted into museums and the oldest part of the town with original wooden houses and walkways.

Kurashiki also has lovely white-walled preserved storehouses with original lattice windows that still stand as Thankfully the town escaped and was not damaged by the Hiroshima bomb.  The scenes and sights along the canal are picture postcard perfect just as you would imagine a city to be in Japan; amazingly they have held on tightly to keeping Kurashiki as close to its original state as possible.

Let the activities begin!
Ohara Art Museum
1 One of the top and most loved tourist attractions on Private Kurashiki guided tours is the Ohara Art Museum.  With a lovely collection of works by Cezanne, Matisse, Picasso and Monet the pieces are uniquely beautiful and from the private collection of Mr Ohara Magosaburo.  A Local Artist Kojima Torajiro was involved in helping to arrange the collection and even added some of his own work and purchases he had made.    
Kurashiki Folk Craft Museum
2 The Folk Craft Museum in Kurashiki is a lovely little place to go on a sightseeing tour too.  Your guide will escort you around the 18th-century rice warehouses which are now home to many exhibitions.  There is glassware, textiles, furniture and beautiful traditional ceramic pieces from Japanese history on exhibition.  While this is a relatively small Museum, it has some stunning displays and unique pieces for everyone to see.   
Mamakari-Tri Restaurant
3 The Mamakari-tri restaurant is over 200 years old and one of the most beautiful traditional restaurants in culture loving Kurashiki.  Many of the city guided tours stop off at the eatery to give tourists a taste of local Kurashiki food and specialities.  Mamakari and Mama are the local dishes which is sardines and rice and is loved by the locals, and the tourists can't seem to get enough as this is a favourite stop.  
Ohashi House
4 Private guided tours of the lovingly restored Ohashi House which is located on the beautiful central Canal near the city station. Originally built in the late 1700's this magnificent building was home to one of the towns richest and most prominent families. Houses of this nature were strictly kept for the famous Japanese Samurai, but many of the wealthy families started to claim such properties and changed that one longstanding tradition very quickly.  
Kurashiki Ivy Square
5 Ivy Square is on all Kurashiki tours as it was initially built for the textile industry but when the companies moved out the area was lovingly restored.  The property is now home to a museum, hotel and restaurants and is a lovely place to visit.  The famous Ivy creeping up the walls of the building is everywhere and unique to this area.    
Bukkake Udon (Speciality Food)
6 Bukkake is a local delicacy with variations served in almost every eatery in Kurashiki. The Bios Arcade local restaurant chain is very famous in this region of Japan for serving this simple yet delicious noodle dish.  The famous dipping sauce is what people travel from all over to eat.  Tour guides will always stop in Kurashiki so his group can try this simple but super recipe.  
Kurashiki Tsuneki Tea Shop
7 The Kurashiki Tsuneki Tea Shop is very popular with locals and tourists alike.  It's a speciality store where the leaves are gound in the shop, and there is always roasted green tea available for everyone.  They make an extensive selection of teas, but the Green Tea and Barley Tea are the most popular with tourists on Kurashiki City Tours.  The aroma as you enter the store is captivating and well worth visiting.      
Denim Street Kurashiki
8 If your crazy for Denim, then this is the place for you, the street literally has every themed in Denim.  From the restrooms to the food you can order a denim burger (blue dye is used to turn the buns blue) to blue ice cream and all the seating areas everywhere are blue.  Kurashiki was the textile capital of Japan, and this area is dedicated to that, and every tourist on sightseeing guided tours always visit.  
Takadaya Bar & Restaurant
9 When you have had enough of sightseeing in Kurashiki, then make a stop at the famous Takadaya Bar.   Check out their exclusive English menu or try some dishes like a chicken basil roll or even some beef sirloin with a Japanese twist.  This eatery is a welcome stop for many tourists sightseeing in this region of Japan as they have a very eccentric menu with a super atmosphere.    
The Rural Toy Museum Kurashiki
10 This shop is jam-packed full of wonderful handmade wooden toys with traditional spinning tops and dollies its a little bit of magic in the city. The handcrafted toys and kites are made with precision, and all the local children love to visit the store.  The Kurashiki city tours may not stop there so if you are in the region make sure you do it's just a lovely place to see.       

Travel Tips for Kurashiki