Private Osaka Guided Tours, the Welcoming Little Venice of the East

Visit the fascinating city of Osaka in Japan on private guided tours and see all it has to offer. It has history, culture, cuisine and architecture from the past but most of all it has a welcoming, friendly atmosphere like no other in Japan and owns the title of The Venice of the East.

Osaka is the second largest city in the Country and is also the second major gateway to Japan. Some people would say that Osaka is not very attractive, but this is a case of ‘beauty being in the eye of the beholder.' The futuristic skyline is a wonder of modern day beauty and should be admired, and the ancient architecture is in such contrast and is so magnificently beautiful.

There is no better example of classical Japanese architecture than the Osaka Castle which was constructed and completed in the late 1500's. This building is spectacular, and the history you learn on an Osaka guided tour is great. A few of the other unique places to visit on private sightseeing tours are Shitenno-Ji Temple, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, the Umeda Sky Building, Tennoji Park and the famed Osaka Zoo.

Let the activities begin!
Osaka Shrine and Temple Tour
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Visit three Shrines and one Temple on this unique tour and learn the difference between them as well as enjoying traditional Japanese cuisine and drink.

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5 hours Scheduling Private Tour Osaka
Nara & the Secret Shrine of Omiwa
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Travel back in time and visit three specific Shrines that began the history of Japan and learn as you enjoy this exclusive tour.

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10 to 11 hours Scheduling Private Tour Osaka
Hidden Namba Sake Tour
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Explore the back streets of Namba at night on a guided tour. The tour will allow you to try delicious street foods and sake.

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4 hours Scheduling Private Tour Osaka
Shitenno-Ji Temple
1 Osaka guided tours to the Shitenno-Ji Temple which was Japan's first every purpose-built Temple is a must.  It has been redesigned and renovated on numerous occasions through the years, but this much loved and adorable Temple remains a sign of pride for all the people of Osaka.  The decorative elements of the building are unbelievable and so breathtakingly beautiful you will be shocked and delighted you travelled to this country. 
Osaka Universal Studios
2 Universal Studios Osaka is quickly becoming one of the cities biggest attractions with millions of visitors every year to this magical wonderland.  From roller coasters to cool family tours and rides, the park has a little of everything for both young and old visitors.  There are many Japanese cartoon character themed fun areas, but the Harry Potter, Wizard World section, is the newest and most popular.      
The Osaka National Museum of Art
3 Osaka guided tours will no doubt bring you to the National Museum of Art which is based in the centre of the city.  With pieces from Cezanne, Foujita and Picasso on exhibition, the variety of work at the Museum is incredible and well worth the visit.  There is a steel installation outside the building which will catch your eye immediately and is a great place to take some lovely pictures.     
Osaka Castle
4 Once the biggest castle in Japan, the Osaka Castle was constructed in the late 1500's over a short period only three years. Commissioned by the politician and commander Toyotomi Hideyoshi, it is said that he supplied a six meter high stone to add to the building and ordered other commanders to do the same. Sightseeing tours Osaka and Osaka city tours have named the Castle one of the top tourist attractions.  
Harbour Village at Tempozan
5 If you want to see Osaka from one of the best vantage points in the city, when you book a sightseeing tour visit the Temponzan Ferris Wheel. This attraction is highly rated and loved by locals and tourists alike. It is over 100mts tall and is especially striking at night and if you are lucky you will be in one of the glass bottom swinging cars which are amazing.     
Osaka Tennoji Zoo
6 Visit Tennoji Park on Osaka guided tours, and you will have a super day out.  The stunning gardens, ponds and sculptures are lovely to see and stroll around the greenhouse area before heading to the main attraction "The Zoo".  From the reptile house to the hippo pool this Zoo is amazing you will see the animals roaming around in comfort.  There are giraffes, elephants and of course, lions and the guides are fantastic and very informative.     
Umeda Building
7 The rooftop platform at the Umeda Building is a top tourist attraction on all Osaka city tours.  A highlight for many visitors is standing on the 175m high platform and looking straight down (if they dare), the magnificent panoramic views from the observation decks are stunning. After your little adventure at the top of this impressive building,  head down to the urban garden at the entrance to the building and enjoy the underground market area.     
The Osaka Aquarium
8 Guided tours of the Osaka Aquarium will take you around the marine habitats, with a huge variety of Japanese marine animals/mammals from reptiles to freshwater fish.  Some huge tanks are home to sharks and manta rays also.  At first glance, the exterior of the Aquarium looks like it was made from colored bricks, but this is an intelligent design and has people enthralled before you even go into the Aquarium.    
The Science Museum Osaka
9 The Science Museum is the perfect stop for families on sightseeing Osaka tours as there is plenty to see and do at this Museum for kids. The exhibitions and interactive displays are on many different things from energy resources, the stars and universe which is great fun for everyone. Check out the planetarium when you are there and see the stars up close.       
Port Towers at Kobe & Tsutenkake
10 The tower buildings against the Osaka skyline at night are a sight to see and are on all city tours. One of the buildings (The Tsutenkake) replaced the famed Eiffel Tower after the second world war are really very impressive.  There is an observation tower and a Shrine to The God of Happiness were a lot of locals and visitors like to see. The Kobe Port tower is over 100mts tall and again has some sensational views.  

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