Private Osaka Guided Tours, the Welcoming Little Venice of the East

Visit the fascinating city of Osaka in Japan on private guided tours because of all it has to offer. It has history, culture, cuisine and architecture from the past to the futuristic but most of all it has a welcoming, friendly atmosphere like no other in Japan and the title of ‘Venice of the East.'

Osaka is the second largest city of the Country and is also the second major gateway to Japan.

Some people would say that Osaka is not very attractive, but this is a case of ‘beauty being in the eye of the beholder.'
The futuristic skyline is a wonder of modern day and should be admired. Then the ancient architecture is in such contrast and so magnificent.

There is no better example of ancient architecture than the Osaka Castle which was completed during 1586. This building is spectacular, and the history you learn on a guided tour is well worth the listen.

A few of the other amazing places to visit on sightseeing tours are Shitenno-Ji Temple, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, the Umeda Sky Building, Tennoji Park and Zoo.   Read More...

Travel Tips for Osaka

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