Battleship, Parks and Temples Are Key on Kure Private Sightseeing Tours

Most famous for building the Japanese battleship ‘Yamato’ during the Second World War, Kure, the city, has many other interesting aspects to it which can be found on private sightseeing tours.

There are a number of museums, but the most popular are the Yamato Museum which displays the history of Kure going back to its origins to modern day. See a Mitsubishi Zero A6M fighter plane and a replica of Yamato.

Diagonally across from Yamato Museum is The Whale of Iron Museum which is a real decommissioned submarine which is now a museum on the history of Maritime Self- Defence Force.

A break away from Naval history are the amazing parks and sacred and religious historical sites to be explored on sightseeing tours or guided tours.

Come nightfall in the city of Kure and the buzz in the city is high with all the street food vendors setting up and cooking their delicacies in anticipation of the hungry locals and curious tourists.   Read More...

Travel Tips for Kure


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