Battleship, Parks and Temples Are Key on Kure Private Sightseeing Tours

Most famous for building the Japanese famous battleship ‘Yamato’ during the Second World War, Kure has much more to offer on any of the many amazing city sightseeing tours. There are a number of museums, but the most popular is the Yamato Museum which displays the complete history of the city of Kure going back to its origins and right up to modern day exhibits. At the Museum you will see a Mitsubishi Zero A6M fighter plane and a replica of the Yamato Battleship.

Across from Yamato Museum is The Whale of Iron Museum which is a real decommissioned submarine converted into a unique museum showing the history of the Maritime Self- Defence Force. If you want a break away from Naval history, there are amazing parks and sacred and religious historical sites to be explored on guided and sightseeing Kure tours.

Come nightfall and the buzz in the city is at its highest with all the street food vendors setting up and cooking their delicacies in anticipation of the hungry locals and curious tourists.

Let the activities begin!
Yamato Museum
1 The Kure Yamato Museum guided tours are a great family day out. Built-in 2005 there is a replica of the Yamato which was the largest warship every commissioned in the world at the time of its construction.  There is an actual Japanese 62 Zero plane on display with human suicide torpedo's called Kaiten's that were used extensively during the war.  The Yamato was bombed in 1945 with most of its 3,332 crew not surviving.  
Maritime Self Defence Force Museum
2 If you want to see what the conditions were like for sailors in a submarine, then this museum is for you. With three floors the first two mainly focus on the history and many techniques used during the war and on the third floor, you will have access to the submarine.  As you take your private guided tour around the 76m long sub, you will note how tight the quarters are, but you can also look through the periscope.
Kogan-Ji Temple
3 This temple is famous with the locals as a holy healing place, where you can see the statue of Arai Kannon which is where many people go to heal any injury to their body. Kure sightseeing guided tours to the Temple are very informative with excellent guides. They love to tell tourists the original story of how the temple was moved to the Kure region in the late 18th century and on how the Temple came to be a healing heaven for many people.       
4 This area of Kure is much loved by the locals and highly recommended as a tourist destination for all Kure City guided tours. You can have a lovely day or evening stroll along the boardwalk and watch the activities around the marina and harbour. There are drydocks there with decommissioned and active submarines which are amazing to look at, and the views are great you will get some pictures perfect images day and night.   
Old Navy Cemetery
5 The Old Navy Cemetery is more a memorial garden and tourist attraction than a graveyard, while there are some graves on the grounds many tourists visit here as part of the Kure City sightseeing tours. Set up like a tier system it has some lovely views, and your Kure tour guide will love to regale you in the history of this place and information on some of the people buried there. 
Day Tour to Hiroshima from Kure
6 Hiroshima private day tours have many attractions like the prestigious Hiroshima Peace Institute, art galleries, magnificent museums and gorgeous gardens. The annual Hiroshima Flower Festival attracts millions of tourists and garden enthusiasts every year on custom regional tours and is one of the most visited Flower Festivals in the world.  
Mount Noro
7 On the outskirts of the city of Kure is Mount Noro which is a perfect place day out for hiking and sightseeing tours. There are spectacular views from the observation decks of the surrounding landscape and many various hiking tour trails available which lead you up in different directions, some easy and some not so easy. As you are climbing, you can see lots of beautiful flora and exotic fauna along the way.
Katsuragahama Beach
8 When you book your sightseeing tours in Kure watch out for a trip Katsuragahama Beach, it is just a short drive away is the beautiful contrast to the naval tours in this region of Japan. The beach is well kept, and at the entrance, there is a magnificent archway with three bells which is popular with tourists to take some cool pictures.  There are some lovely little shops to visit and get some souvenirs.   
The Sea Of Japan Boat Tour
9 Situated at the marina, there are many on board boat guided tours to choose from in Kure. The Sea of Japan tour lasts approximately 30 minutes, but the experience is unforgettable.  You will be escorted around the vessel and find out all about the history and features of the ship.  It's a lovely tour for the family with very interesting as you sail around the harbour and enjoy the excellent views. 
Kure City Tours
10 While Kure is mainly associated with everything Navel, there are some lovely walking tours around the city. There are cute little shopping areas and local eateries to choose from, and your guide can fill you in on the weekly markets where you can get naval memorabilia to traditional Kure souvenirs and trinkets. Take a timeout and try the local cuisine and watch the world go by at the port.  This is a lovely city and worth checking out.   

Travel Tips for Kure