Try Imabari Japans Ship Building Capital on Private Sightseeing Tours

Imabari has a running city theme built around shipbuilding as you will see when you visit the enormous gold colored ship's propeller displayed at the waterfront on private city guided tours. A great symbol of the shipbuilding history of the city from far away the sculpture looks almost like a huge flower it is super. 

Imabari has a lot of great tourist attractions in the city, but the beautiful coast and basking beaches around the Seto Inland area are perfect for visitors looking to go swimming and try some watersports. 

Another key feature and landmark on custom tours are the Imabari Castle.  Protected by a moat the views from the Castel of the city are perfect but watch out for the flying fish in the moat.  Private guided tours inside the castle show a unique collection of weapons, armor, ancient parchment and a collective view of the history of Imabari.    Read More...

Travel Tips for Imabari

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