Try Imabari Japans Ship Building Capital on Private Sightseeing Tours

Imabari has a running city theme built around shipbuilding as you will see when you visit the enormous gold coloured ship's propeller that is displayed at the waterfront on Imabari private custom tours. A great symbol of the shipbuilding history of the city and from far away the sculpture looks almost like a huge flower, it is super to see. 

Imabari has a lot of great tourist attractions in the city, but the beautiful coast and basking beaches around the Seto Inland area are perfect for visitors looking to go swimming and try some activities and watersports. 

Another key feature and landmark on Imabari custom tours is the Imabari Castle.  Protected by a moat the views from the Castle of the city are great but watch out for some flying fish in the moat.  Imabari private guided tours inside the castle show a unique collection of weapons, armour, ancient parchment and a collective view of the history of the city. 

Let the activities begin!
Imabari Castle
1 Imabari private guided tours include a visit to Imabari Castle as it is one of the more obvious city landmarks. There are three castles built in Japan that use the sea water to fill a moat and this castle is one of them. Originally built in 1604 the castle we see now was built in 1980. The outside remained the same, but the interior has obvious modern features. The display of ancient artefacts makes up for anything modern found.
Ōyamazumi Shrine
2 Sightseeing tours Imabari are exceptional with lots to see and one of those places is the Ōyamazumi Shrine. Found on the island of Omishima in the Seto Inland sea, this shrine is very beautiful from the entrance onwards. The building was erected originally back in 1427 and underwent a total renovation in 1602. It is made of uncoated wood, a Cyprus bark roof and the entrance gate is made of camphor wood.  
The Towel Museum
3 Located in the mountains just outside of Imabari city limits is Ichihiro where you find the Towel Museum. With Imabari custom tours a visit here is highly recommended as you will not find too many towel museums anywhere in the world. The long history Imabari has of producing towels led to the grandeur and size of this unique museum. The building also is something different in architectural style described as ‘modern Japanese Chateau’.
Enmei-ji Temple
4 If you are on the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage, then you will visit Enmei-Ji Temple in Imabari as it is No.54. On guided Imabari tours you travel through some untidy and commercial areas to reach the temple, but it only makes you appreciate how nice the Enmei-Ji Temple is especially the spectacular tiled roof. Inside the temple, in front of the main hall is a Buddha that is surrounded by babies.  
Ohmishima Art Museum
5 When on your sightseeing tours Imabari of the Ōyamazumi Shrine, you should take the opportunity to stop off at the Ohmishima Art Museum also found on this island. It has been described as a very remote museum but rather extraordinary. Included in the art museum are all or at least almost all of modern Japanese artists works of art. It is a super building that houses the museum and worthy of a look around.
Senyu-ji Temple
6 Temple No.58 on the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage is Senyu-ji Temple in Imabari. This temple is better located than the other temples found in the city as it is 1,300 ft above sea level on a hillside. For the people on the pilgrimage it is a bit of a climb, but for others, a car or coach is better. The temple takes up much of the small hilltop, the views are great and the interior has a few things to admire.  
Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture
7 Take one of the Imabari private guided tours to the Island of Ohmishima and visit the Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture. From the time you see the building in the distance, you know you are going to a fascinating museum. The architecture of the museum is 'out of this world' and beautiful. As you walk through the museum, you see replicas of the contemporary architecture and design from all over Japan.
Imabari City Kono Museum of Art
8 For a museum located in the city of Imabari take a guided Imabari tour of the Kono Museum of Art. It is a Japanese art gallery based on old school. You can find this museum in the Imabari Hokusai Hotel in a windowless space. The little teahouse and garden next to it make up for the lack of windows. The collections to see are made up of beautiful and decorative scrolls, folding screens and so much more.
Hirakiyama Park
9 Take a spectacular private sightseeing tour to Hirakiyama Park which is found on the top of Mt. Hirakiyama and is 149 meters above sea level. From here you get fantastic views of all the great bridges and as an added bonus if you visit in the springtime be surrounded by beautiful cherry tree flowers. It is quite a photo opportunity with the contrast of background and cherry blossoms.
Hot Spas in Imabari
10 There are a number of hot spa locations in Imabari such as Yunoura Hot Spa, Kua House, Nibukawa Hot Spa, Tatara hot spa and Mare Gracia on the Omishima Island. Each hot spa locations offers natural radon spa springs or revitalising seawater bathing and much more which is just what is needed after a day on guided Imabari Tours. Some locations cater for adults only but others welcome the entire family.  

Travel Tips for Imabari