Start Exploring Incredible Galapagos Islands on Ecuador Private Tours

Splashing waves, sandy beaches, Amazonian Rainforests, The Andes Mountains and The Galapagos Islands are just some of the destinations to visit and see in postcard-perfect Ecuador on private escorted tours which are full of adventure and unique activities.

While you may think Ecuador is classed as a relatively small country, it is one of the most popular and requested destinations in the world to visit for all kinds of tourists, animal lovers and people finally ticking a destination off their bucket list. The Country will have you dazzling with all the wonders it has to offer from unique activities to see and do, this is the view of many if not all the people that decide to visit.

The main historical centres of lovely Ecuador are the cities of Quito (The Capital) and Cuenca which are lined with perfect plazas, charming churches, and ancient haunting monasteries. As tourists go wandering around the cobblestone streets and laneways along these architectural treasured cities from the Spanish colonial days they are mesmerised by the beauty of the city and tend to feel like they dive headfirst into the past.

Going way beyond the leading cultural cities, you will see how on private Ecuadorian multi-city and custom tours the magnificent landscapes start to unfold with spectacular views and unforgettable sightseeing opportunities for tourists that will stay with you forever. Island hopping, boat and custom tours from Ecuador are a must and pre-booking in advance is vital so you don't miss out on any of the tours.   Read More...

Start Exploring Incredible Galapagos Islands on Ecuador Private Tours

Access to private sightseeing tours on The Galapagos Islands, with it's volcanic, landscapes and known as a magnet for wildlife lovers is only a short trip away with Ecuador on private escorted tours. Getting up close with the wildlife is a must if you are making the journey and thankfully can be achieved on most if not all Galapagos Islands private guided tours.

See the lovely lazy giant tortoises, fantastically funny marine iguanas, completely chilled doe-eyed sea lions and a unique host of other species that live both on land and sea are accessible to all tourists visiting the region via Ecuador private sightseeing tours.

Any of the Amazon Rainforest custom tours offer tourists a unique wildlife and sea life watching experience. Set out on the many rivers and forested trails you can join groups in search of sloths, monkeys, toucans, and river dolphins. Canopy towers and lodges offering amazing accommodations with spectacular views that include the Mindo's Cloud Forest which is considered to be paradise for global birder's with more than 1600 avian species to document and watch out for.

Top 10 Things to Do in Ecuador

1 Lovely Quito is the capital city of Ecuador and situated high in the amazing Andes and is full of Colonial buildings and is the most prominent historic city centres in the hole of South America. Private guided tours of Quito are very popular with so many museums, local art and crafts stores and a beautiful public square this is the gateway to some of the worlds most stunning scenery. 
2 The beautiful city of Cuenca is also known as Santa Ana de Los Cuatros Rios De Cuenca and is perfect for city walking private sightseeing tours. The town of full of old historic buildings including the Old Cathedral of Cuenca which is the main landmark of any city tours. Take an adventure along the alleyways and side streets for some shopping. 
Galapagos Island's
3 The Galapagos Islands private sightseeing tours and boat trips have inspired and intrigued many tourists from around the world to add this destination to their bucket list. Giant Tortoises, penguin's, Darwins Finches, active volcanic regions and incredible wildlife this island is still evolving and growing. With 13 large and six small islands and numerous inlets, this is a once in a lifetime experience to visit. 
Cotopaxi and Cajas National Parks
4 Ecuador's most popular national parks to visit on private tours are Cotopaxi and Cajas, and luckily they are only a short drive from Cuenca and Quito. See the hills and valleys and book a hike or bike guided tour around the park for perfect sightseeing. Watersports are also popular in the park and great for cooling off. 
The Devil’s Nose (Nariz del Diablo)
5 A private guided tour to the stunning Devil's Nose is a must when on holiday in Ecuador. The section of the Andes Mountains which is located near Alausi is accessible via railway and has the best scenic views in Ecuador. You will be able to visit and experience the culture of the region and see the famous museum in Pununa Condor town. 
Banos Hot Springs
6 If you go on a private guided tour to Banos Hot Springs, you will not be disappointed as the hot springs, and the quaint town of Banos de Agus Santa will make this trip worth it. Situated at the edge of the eastern region of the Amazon basin the city is nestled in the dense forests. Great hiking and mountain biking tours are perfect for any thrill seekers visiting here.
7 Tena is a great starting point for any Guided tours to the Amazon basin. In the province of Napo the cinnamon capital Tena was set up my missionaries not long after the Spanish arrived in the South Americas. If you want adventure tours this is the place to start for river rides, whitewater rafting and kayaking along the many rivers. 
Chatham (Isla San Cristóbal
8 Guided boat tours to Chatham will take you on an hours ride to Kicker Rock (which looks like a sleeping lion) and is one of the most popular destinations in Ecuador. The Island is a snorkelers paradise and can only be seen by or in the water as there is nowhere to land on the island which makes sunset boat tours a must for visitors. 
Santa Cruz Island
9 Part of the Galapagos National Park Santa Cruz Island Ecuador is famous for its sandy beaches and is one of the tourist's hubs in the region. The Charles Darwin Research Station has one of its giant tortoises breeding programmes, and with the marine iguanas, it is a place you have to visit once in your lifetime. 
Albemarle (Volcano in Isla Isabela)
10 With a 7km wide caldera and many steaming fumaroles, this 1,097m volcano is on all Albemarle private tours. Not only can you see the Volcano but in the months from June to December you can see the giant tortoises and but you will need a permit to visit here for a 2-day minimum stay.
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