Santorini, Step Ashore And Go On A Tour

Santorini, Step Ashore And Go On A Tour

Santorini is the largest in the Greek Cyclades islands and very popular vacation destination. Many love to vacation in the Greek Islands. The beaches are all different colors because of the volcanic eruptions and have deep blue water because of the Aegean sea.

The volcanic eruptions that happened many years ago shaped the island how it is now. The island has a very unique landscape with building looking like they're stacked upon each other. Whether you're going there to relax or explore the many things that are in and around the island, you are assure to have a wonderful time. 

Red beach, located by Akrotiri is a popular spot because of its red sand and many boulders. Black sand beaches are also very popular, Perissa is a popular one where many people spend their time. You can relax on the beach, chill out in the water, or even take a private tour of what's around to get the gist of the island. 

The Santorini sunsets are a sight to see!

The sky turns all sorts shades of oranges, yellows, and pinks. You definitely want to go to the village of Oia to check out the sunset, this village has a beautiful view of the renowned sunset. You might want to get there early though because many people also know this is the best spot. Fira is another spot to enjoy the sunset without the fighting through the crowds and it is also just as beautiful. 

In the middle of the Caldera, NeaKameni there are is a 130 meter high volcanic crater that you can climb up. The last time the volcano erupted was in 1950 and now people can climb to the top. The island where the volcanoes situated is uninhabited and very beautiful. The hike isn't too far, but the view when you're walking up makes it all worth it. 

There are many ads in hotels and throughout travel agencies about going to Therasia, it's a fairly large island and is inhabited by 300 people. The island is more quiet than Santorini making it a popular place to go when you want to get some peace and quiet. The island is very beautiful along with the villages. Another village that is low key is Pyrgos, its very beautiful, without all of the crowds.

Many times when you're here you're going to find yourself just wanting to relax and that is very popular to do. If you are staying in a nice house you can lounge by the pool or even go lounge by the beach. The food isn't too expensive and neither are the amenities.

Santorini overall is a very beautiful island where many go to get away and relax or go on private tours of the many Greek Islands and see all that there is to do. This island should definitely be on the top list of places you would like to. The island can make for a great honeymoon spot and even a getaway with family members, it appeals to everybody. 

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