What a Brilliant Idea! Taking a Custom Made Private Tour of Canada

What a brilliant idea! Taking a custom made private tour of Canada, a nation filled up with exceptionally friendly folks, classy urban centres, as well as a different, lovely landscape. From the ice pack in the Yukon to beautiful beaches on the eastern coastline, the hills of Calgary to the rain forests of Vancouver.

Canada is a nation which is often skipped over on lots of world tours, and also doesn’t have the maximum attention that it definitely should. It’s an immensely beautiful country with a whole lot to offer.

As Canada is the world's second biggest country, it is not surprising that there are many major cities with lots of important things to see and do. Not forgetting Niagara Falls and Rocky mountains to go on guided tour of or catching sight of an Orca while on the ferry.

As Canada is so vast it is very diverse even within the cities; there are many different cultures which in turn leads to a fantastic range of cuisine to be tasted and enjoy.   Read More...

What a Brilliant Idea! Taking  a Custom Made Private Tour of Canada

Take a city tour of the French-speaking Montreal and Québec and sip ‘café au lait’, eat delicious croissants and experience the french lifestyle.

Go to Toronto while the famous star-studded film festival is on at possibly catch a glimpse of your idol.

While on a guided tours of the sky-high mountains, shimmering glaciers, lush green rainforests, golden sandy beaches you may be lucky enough to catch an eye on the likes of Bears, polar bears, moose and whales.

Of course let us not forget that the children would have the best time in Canada’s Wonderland, the huge amusement park in Ontario or bring them to Yellowstone Park in the Rocky Mountains where they can look out for Yogi Bear!

Top 10 Things to Do in Canada

Rocky Mountains
1 From British Columbia through Alberta in Canada to spreading through four States in the United States, The 3,000 mile stretch of the Rocky Mountains are nothing if not impressive. Take the many guided tours on offer in various locations of the mountains. The choice is fantastic from hiking, climbing, sightseeing the wilderness and animal or relaxing by the alpine lakes. The views are breathtaking no matter what you do.
Niagara Falls
2 A sightseeing tour to Niagara Falls is a must do when in Ontario. These are three massive waterfalls that straddle the border between Ontario, Canada and New York State in the U.S.The views are amazing, majestic and it is well worth checking out the specialised boat tours to get the full waterfall experience. Niagara Falls is somewhere you need to see for yourself as photos do not do it the place any justice.
Parliament Hill
3 While on a city tour of Ottawa you will be brought to see Parliament Hill. The centrepiece of the city’s landscape and the heart of politics and culture. On top of the hill are the impressive Parliament Buildings that are of a gorgeous Gothic-style architecture. See the stunning views from the Peace Tower and the giant gargoyles hanging out from the tower like protectors. Canada Day, July 1st, has the biggest celebrations here.  
Columbia Icefield
4 For a Glacier Adventure, then take a private tour to Columbia Icefield. This is a once in a lifetime thrilling and exhilarating tour where you take jaw dropping walks along the glass floor, at the cliff's edge, of the Glacier Skywalk or on Ice explore trek the surface of the Athabasca Glacier. See Waterfalls, fossils, wildlife and learn the fascinating information about glaciers and icefields and their impact on the environment.
Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve
5 The full title is Gwaii Hannas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve & Haida Heritage Site. It encompasses Moresby and 137 smaller islands where you can see abandoned Haida villages with hot springs and stunning natural beauty. A guided tour by boat or plane will be packed full of interesting historical facts and there are great activities with some of the continent's best kayaking here.
Notre-Dame Basilica
6 Found in the very historic district of Old Montreal in Quebec, take a sightseeing tour of Notre-Dame Basilica. The Basilica was built in a Gothic Revival style architecture, in the late 1800’s, the extraordinary craftsmanship is evident. There is a stunning crypt and many fine works of art to see on your tour. There are still archaeological treasures of major ethnographic value in the area around the Basilica. A beautiful place to take a tour.
7 This delightful city in Quebec provides tourists on private tours with an experience of the French part of the nation. Stunning roads, an underground shopping mall, jazz nightclubs, as well as impressive cuisine makes Montreal one of the hippest places. It may possibly be the most wonderfully romantic cities in all of Canada. 
The Hopewell Rocks
8 Situated near the Bay of Fundy you will find the Hopewell Rocks. On a guided tour, you will see one of the Marine Wonders of the world and the location of some of the world's highest tides. On a walk of the ocean floor see the unique formations of rock (some call them the majestic flowerpot rocks) that were carved by erosion over thousands of years. There is a multimedia exhibit in the interpretive centre and a one of a kind gift shop.
Ripley's Aquarium of Canada
9 A guided tour of Ripley’s Aquarium where they provide a world class experience is lots of fun and fascinating. The aquarium, while showcasing the beauty and significance of aquatic world and animals, will entertain, inspire and encourage you to respect and protect the waters of the world. There are some fantastic features like the longest underwater viewing tunnel that offers over 100 interactive opportunities.
Capilano Suspension Bridge
10 When you are on a guided tour of Capilano Suspension Bridge, you will get to take the exhilarating walk across the 137m bridge which suspends 70m above the Capilano River, originally built in 1889. There are many things to do here apart from the bridge, like walks along the cantilevered walkway that cling to the granite cliff above the Capilano Canyon or do the treetop adventure which has 7 suspensions bridges through the evergreens.
Let the activities begin!
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