A City to Match Every Persona? Take a Private Tour to Nova Scotia

A place to match every persona? Then take a private tour to Nova Scotia where you will meet diverse locals who welcome all visitors with open arms.

The province of Nova Scotia is found on the eastern side of Canada and nearly completely surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. It is a fantastic place to take a trip to with its vast range of sights and activities.

Take a road trip around the province, forget the maps and Sat Nav and just wing it! The pace of the province is so laid back the best way to enjoy it, is to go with the flow.

The views from the impressive mountains are spectacular and the vistas from the sea are even better.

he views from the impressive mountains are spectacular and the vistas from the sea are even better.

It completely up to you as to whether you have a quiet relaxing trip or a wild adventure filled one as each option is there at our feet.

There are great museums of all varieties, Art galleries, parks with lakes and waterfalls and plenty of amusing places to keep children of all ages entertained.

Let the activities begin!
Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site
1 Located on the rocky shoreline of Cape Breton’s, you are transported back to North Americas busiest seaports in the 18th century when you take a guided tour of the Fortress of Louisbourg. Now a national historic site the Fortress that offers a wealth of experiences to enjoy for all visitors. There are people dressed in traditional clothes of the eras recreating battles and guides explaining the history.  
Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse
2 Take a guided tour, when visiting Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse to get the best experience of here. It is a beautiful lighthouse that sits on top of amazing rock formations. As you walk up towards the lighthouse, through little fishing villages, you see stunning views. The gift shop is even an experience here with lots of great souvenirs. With lots of good restaurants and cafes to sit, relax, eat great food and watch the world go by!  
Citadel Hill
3 Take an exciting if not somewhat spooky guided tour of Citadel Hill. It is reported that there is a ‘ghost’ in the wooden guardhouse that is now called Citadel Hill but not confirmed. The shape and architecture of the building is lovely and there is an excellent guided tour of the inside. The surrounding area also tells the history of Halifax, the city, coming into being. There is a museum, re-enactments and changing of the sentry guard to see.
Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife
4 Take a guided tour of Shubenacadie Provincial Wildlife and see the wonderful work that is done for animals in Nova Scotia. This park is for animals that were kept in captivity and now free to roam large enclosures. They protect, care and nurture orphaned and sick animals. It is a great experience going around the trails looking at the animals, mammals and birds. There certain times when children can keep to feed some animals.
Oak Island
5 Take a private tour to Oak Island and find out about the brilliant history of this Island. It is reported that there is treasure buried on this Island from the time of the Templars and many people have searched for it over the past 100 years. There is even a television series on the present search going on. There are lots of people who will gladly tell you their stories of treasure hunting. The boat trip to the Island is an added bonus.
Fort Anne
6 Go on a guided tour of Fort Anne which is found in the Bay of Fundy. It is one of the first European settlements in Canada.  Originally established by the French itches been through a few conflicts over centuries and been taken over by English and Scottish colonists. It is a fascinating place to tour and look around while learning the history. Thanks to the locals lobbying the Fort became the first historic site in Canada.
Brier Island
7 The rugged diamond in Nova scotia’s jewelled crown is Brier Island. Take many a private tour here to avail of all the sights to see and do. There are nature trails to see the incredible variety of fauna and flora, hiking, mountain biking and much more on land. However, the best tour to take is then by boat where you get to see the whales as they swim around the boats. There really are lots more things to do here that are exceptional.
Cape Breton
8 Cape Breton is home to the world renown Cabot Trail and, as per some travel magazines, one of the must see islands in the world. The Highland as their natural beauty is the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities, of which there are a lot here. Play golf, hike, cycle, kayak or whale watching the list is endless. You are guaranteed great welcomes from the locals with their Celtic and Acadian hospitality. The coastal views are stunning.
Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site
9 Take a guided tour of the land and burial area of Alexander Graham Bell which is now a national historic site. It commemorates the genius and compassion of the renowned inventor. There are exhibits that show all the amazing feats that this amazing man achieved during his lifetime but more so when he came to live in Nova Scotia. In the parlour, you can see Bell’s personal comfort items. A thoroughly enjoyable and interesting tour.
Pier 21
10 Take a guided tour of one of the most important places of Nova Scotia. It was through this ocean liner terminal and shed on Pier 21, in Halifax, that all immigrants came since 1928 till 1971. At the Pier 21 Canadian Museum of Immigration learn the history of the Pier through old photographs and relics that have been collected. A tour of this area is fascinating and informative, as it was the starting point for many generations.

Travel Tips for Nova Scotia