Discover the Beautiful, Vibrant City of Vancouver on a Private Tour

Discover the beautiful, vibrant city of Vancouver on a private tour of the bustling, coming of age city or a guided tour of the incredible Stanly Park.

Due to the mild climate found in Vancouver, the stunning views and friendly locals, it is known as a very popular tourist attraction.

Located on the coast, west of the province British Columbia, this seaport is one of the most densely populated city’s and most ethnically diverse with only 50% having English as their first language.

When in Vancouver your can go from city life to rural life in a matter of minutes as the city is surrounded by impressive mountains with lots of trails, climbs, waterfalls, alpine lakes and so much more. The mountains also happen to be a very popular movie and film location.

There is a thriving art, theatre and music scene found in the city along with great Art Galleries from contemporary, local to ancient art and Museums that range from anthropology, maritime, history to anything space orientated.

Let the activities begin!
Vancouver Grand City Tour
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Vancouver is a special city see for yourself on this 5-hour guided tour city destinations of Gastown, Chinatown, Granville Island, Yaletown, Shaughnessy, Olympic village.

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5 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Vancouver
Fraser Valley Wine Tour from Vancouver
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Vancouver has a prime wine growing region east of Vancouver (Langley). The township of Langley consists of farmland, open spaces, modern and old-fashioned homesteads.

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Great Squamish Day Trip from Vancouver
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Located 50 mins from Vancouver, driving north into the mountains on the Sea-to-Sky Highway Squamish is the activity capital of Canada. Stunning views, National historic site

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Stanley Park
1 Take a visit to Stanley Park which is Vancouver's first, largest and loved urban park. A national historic site, it's like an oasis within the city, all 400 hectares of it! Take guided tours of rainforest, walk the trails, relax on the beautiful sandy beaches, explore the cultural and historic landmarks, watch for local wildlife or partake in the many fun activities. Whatever it is you want this park will probably have it.    
Capilano Suspension Bridge
2 When you are on a guided tour of Capilano Suspension Bridge, you will get to take the exhilarating walk across the 137m bridge which suspends 70m above the Capilano River, originally built in 1889. There are many things to do here apart from the bridge, like walks along the cantilevered walkway that cling to the granite cliff above the Capilano Canyon or do the treetop adventure which has 7 suspensions bridges through the evergreens.
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden
3 Located in Vancouver's Chinatown and hidden behind a low white building is Dr.Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden. The first ever Chinese garden to be built outside of China. Take a guided tour around the gardens to see amazing mosaics, fabulous plant life packed with colours and strange surprises, lily pads in the ponds and narrow winding paths. Every view in this garden is specially designed and cannot be seen at once.
Museum of Anthropology
4 A guided tour of this Museum of Anthropology starts from the moment you see the building, it is a stunning sight and even the designers say ‘it is a work of light and shadows’. At the entrance, the first artworks and words that greet you are a welcome from the First Nations hosts the Musqueam. The exhibits are extraordinary and there are stages through the tour where you think you have gone back in time. 
Lynn Canyon Park
5  On a private tour, there is a great deal to see and do in Lynn Canyon Park. Officially opened in 1912, it started off as a 12-acre park that has now grown to an impressive 617 acres. There are lush rain forests and in the summertime a very popular spot at the 30-foot pool. A suspension bridge upstream and a wooden bridge that crosses the Twin Falls, stunning waterfalls, downstream. Great walking and hiking trails for the energetic.
Granville Island
6 On a city tour, you have to go to Granville Island which is described as an island or oasis in the middle of a city. There is a unique atmosphere as you walk around the ‘island’ looking at the spectacular fresh food markets or interacting with the craft people selling their wares. Sit in the waterfront restaurants or cafes and watch the lively going ons of the area. Buskers playing their music, just happy to be there.
Queen Elizabeth Park
7 Regarded as Vancouver's horticultural jewel, take a guided tour of the Queen Elizabeth Park.Thanks to being situated 152 meters above sea level the views are spectacular of the park, city and mountains. See the gorgeous landscaped quarry garden, the exotic, native trees and sculptures in Arboretum. In the domed Bloedel Conservatory, there are 120 free-flying exotic birds, rare plants and flowers thriving in controlled temperatures
8 Vancouver has the world's longest uninterrupted waterfront pathway. The Stanly Park Seawall is part of this pathway and was originally built to protect the park. The Seawall is divided into clearly marked sections - one for walkers and joggers which is closest to the water edge - the other for cyclists and inline skaters. It is a great place to take a stroll on an evening or jog during the morning as part of you exercise routine
9 While on a city tour, see the Inuksuk which is a human-made stone landmark, located in English Bay, Vancouver, using crafts by the Inuit, Inupiat, Kalaallit, Yupik and other people of the Arctic region. It is a very interesting landmark if not a bit unusual to look at. The history of the Inuit and other Arctic people is fascinating and it is always good to learn about new things and this is certainly one of those things. 
Vancouver Lookout
10 Take a private tour to see the Vancouver Lookout and see the most spectacular views. When you get here, you enter a glass elevator and ascend to the top. At the top is the observation deck that gives you the full 360-degree views of the city. It is great during the day but is even more spectacular at night with all the lights of the city sparkling. This is really a worthwhile tour to take when in Vancouver.

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