What Will You Experience at Ostia Antica?

What Will You Experience at Ostia Antica?

At one time it was the port city of the Roman Empire, yet the enchanting ruins of Ostia Antica still evoke images of hungry sailors disembarking tall ships with exotic goods and joining the chaotic hive of activity in the streets below. Historical and intriguing in every way, a private tour of Ostia Antica is undoubtedly one of the unique ways in which to spend an afternoon in Rome.

In fact, a private guided tour of Ostia is the only way to understand the complexity of this ancient port, for as with any historical destination, the remnants can tell a story but the story behind them is what truly allows you to feel the atmosphere of old.

What will you experience at Ostia Antica?

While ancient ports around the world are usually quite small, Ostia is enormous and covers many thousands of acres which spread out from the mile-long main street. However, a private tour guide will know exactly where to take you and will help illustrate exactly what happened in each location all those years ago.

Ostia is also unique in a sense that there are no distractions from what is an authentic experience, and this is largely due to the surrounding region which is mostly natural and without any signs of modern civilization. However, you are unlikely to be distracted from these ancient walkways for any reason at all, as the overgrown nature of these streets often make visitors feel like they are in another world altogether.

Think Pompeii or Machu Picchu with a port and you will be a little closer to imagining how it might feel to take a private tour to Ostia Antica. Old family homes, stores and street stalls, a private guide, will bring the streets to life, and when you reach the main amphitheater, you are sure to understand what makes a visit to this ancient port so special.

What else can you expect at Ostia?

Ostia has a fine restaurant and also a museum next to the port, although these are genuinely the only signs of anything commercial beyond the sight of the ticket office. Perfect for parents to explore with young children and then anyone else with a historical interest, it gets hot walking through the streets of Ostia, but a visit here is often one of the highlights of a trip to Rome.

Taking a private tour to Ostia

The cost of admission is included with a private tour of Ostia, which is open on a daily basis from 9 am to 4 pm. Audio guides are of course available upon entry but for a true understanding of the ruins and a cultural experience with a local, some words from your private tour guide are simply the best way to uncover this incredibly fascinating ancient port.

 Private Tour to Ostia Antica

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