Villa Borghese Park Where You Can Reinvigorate Yourself in Rome

Villa Borghese Park Where You Can Reinvigorate Yourself in Rome

You have got to admit that even the best ancient architectures and arts, when it is overabundant, can tire people out. Here comes a spacey Villa Borghese Park where you can reinvigorate yourself after some really exhaustive visits to other attractions in Rome.

Different cultures fused into one

  • In the sense of culture Villa Borghese Park has it all.

Until the end of 18th century Villa Broghese was a pleasure garden by Cardinal Scipione Borghese, of the type developed by the ancient Romans and adopted by Renaissance nobles. Today, the finest example of an Italian-style garden no longer exists. Instead, you will see this park of popular 18th-century English style transformed by Jacob More, a Scottish painter, with a relaxing atmosphere just like that seen in New York’s Centural Park.


An Oasis in hectic Rome

In terms of the facilities available in the Park, very few parks in the world can beat it to Villa Borghese. The modern-day Villa Borghese Park is a public park where people from all walks of life can come to enjoy a day out in the open.

For fans of arts; The Villa Borghese Park sometimes is called the ‘park of museums  where fans of arts would have a field day to explore. Galleria Borghese houses a great part of Borghese collection of paintings, sculptures and antiques, where art lovers can appreciate the works of Bernini, Caravaggio, Titian, Raphael, Peter Paul Rubens and many others.

Other highlights of the Park can fill in the rest of your day. A botanical garden with a pretty little lake, Piazza de Siena- a graceful amphitheater, a Biopark zoo- kids’ favorite, a Neoclassical faux-Temple of Aesculapius-a popular photo-op, just to name a few.

Worth mentioning is that you simply don’t need to rush while you are in Borghese Park. Biking, in-line skating, strolling around in electric scooter, kids’ watching movies at a children’s movie theater, a cinema center for film buffs, and many indoor-outdoor cafes to have a sip of espresso.

What a relaxing and enjoyable day!

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