The queen of the long roads—Via Appia Antica

The queen of the long roads—Via Appia Antica

It seems that the old Romans were excellent in all aspects of architecture, engineering and arts so that the fact that the Romans were masters of road construction shouldn’t be surprising. Since it was essential to be able to bring their troops to battlefields, the Appian Way, the first long road specifically built for the purpose of transporting troops outside the smaller region of Rome, was materialized.

The queen of the long roads—Via Appia Antica

It is impossible to see ALL of the Appian Way for a few reasons. First of all, the original length of 210 Km from Rome to Capua in 312 BC was impressive enough. It then was extended the full 563 Km to Brindisi, the heel of Italy’s boots. Secondly, it was not just an ordinary road. There were developments and establishments along the way. Many monuments are now open tourist attractions.

Although it was no longer in use since the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the numerous restorations over centuries have revived its use. The latest historical event held here was the men’s marathon of 1960 Summer Olympics.

Of course, as mentioned above, you can’t possibly see it all, but you certainly can have a relaxing tour on the initial stretch of the Ancient Appian Way in Rome.

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