The Last and Largest of the Imperial Forum in Rome

The Last and Largest of the Imperial Forum in Rome

The last Imperial Trajan's Forum to be built in Rome and one of the most imposing, a private tour of Trajan's column will uncover the history behind this tall marble pillar and the many intricate carvings that outline the victories of Emperor Trajan over the Dacians in ancient times.

In fact, the Trajan Column dates as far back as 112 AD to when these battles took place between the Romans and the region now known as Romania. More than 120 feet in height, the column is one of the most visited in all of the Rome and each carving ironing this impressive feat is part of a timeline that illustrates the many great victories of the Roman Empire.

Originally designed by the Greek scholar and historian, Apollodorus, an awesome forum is found next to the column, and it makes for an incredible sight as it stares down into the city below. And then there is the story behind how this structure even came to be at all, for large parts of Capitoline Hill needed to be excavated to accommodate the forum and make way for the beautiful triumphal arch, temple and Basilica Ulpia. Today a bronze figure of St Peter stand atop of the column and the surrounding area evokes a distinct atmosphere of wonder.

While the column was seen as propaganda in the past, it now offers an incredibly striking and intriguing sight, and a private tour will also bring a unique insight to the many visitors who arrive here to see it with their own eyes.

A private tour to Trajan's Forum and Column in Rome will leave you in awe at first sight but upon closer inspection of the carvings and story behind the structures. You will come away with a greater understanding of their significance and an unforgettable visual of a most ancient part of Rome.

 Private Tours to Trajan's Forum

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