The Dome of the World—PANTHEON in Rome

The Dome of the World—PANTHEON in Rome

Just when you think you have seen enough of ruins in Rome, Boom!, the almost intact Pantheon looms in front of you even 2000 years later after it was built. You don’t need to be an architect to recognize Pantheon is an ultimate masterpiece of architecture and art.

The Dome of the World—PANTHEON in Rome "Inspiration for other famous domes in the world"

The 43-meter unreinforced solid concrete dome is still the world's largest. The Pantheon inspired Brunelleschi's dome for the Renaissance Cathedral in Florence, Bramante's design for St. Peter's Basilica, and the US Capitol, making it one of the most influential buildings in western architecture.


The origin of the Christian feast of All Saints

Originally a pagan temple for worship, its use was forbidden until Pope Boniface IV consecrated it as a Christian church and dedicated it to the Virgin and all the Christian martyrs on November 1 in 609. Moreover, it has become the burial place of Italian kings.

A guided tour is recommended to fully appreciate the beauty of the Pantheon if you are into the fantastic Roman architecture.


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