Take a Captivating Journey Through Time at the Domus Romane

Take a Captivating Journey Through Time at the Domus Romane

The seat and center of Rome Administration, Palazzo Valentini was built on top of ancient ruins which were only discovered in 2015. In fact, the treasure they had uncovered was 4th century AD remnants of a villa complex next to the infamous Trajan Forum. In the center of Imperial Rome, to uncover ruins of this nature was an incredible discovery and the result is an opportunity to step back in time in a most ancient part of the capital.

It would seem that during the 16th century and at the date of construction, the original site of Domus Romane was filled in to make way for the Palazzo Valentini. However, the builders had unknowingly preserved the remnants and after centuries of change, you can take a private tour of Palazzo Valentini as the ruins are now open to the public.

Renowned for being incredibly well preserved, the ruins include thermal baths, spiral staircases, mosaics, decorative frescoes and beautifully decorated marble flooring. A private tour guide is a huge bonus in such a place, for there is so much to see yet so much you can also miss out on without one.

However, arguably the highlight of a private tour of the ruins is a modern concept, for the lighting system used to bring these villas back to life is a unique experience and one which brings great insight into the life of Rome in ancient times. Memorable, haunting and informative, a tour of Le Domus Romane di Palazzo Valentini should be on every itinerary when visiting Rome.

Private Tour of Le Domus Romane Di Palazzo Valentini  


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