Southern Style Cuisine At Its Best

Southern Style Cuisine At Its Best

If there’s one thing the south has no shortage of, it’s Southern Cooking Restaurants. So much so it gets hard to differentiate one from another. But one place really grabbed my taste buds, while visiting with family in South Carolina. So much so that I dined there four out of the six days I was there…

Being from “Up North” it’s almost a must that while in the South you eat “Real” Southern cooking. It wasn’t until I dined at Allean’s Southern Cuisine that I was able to say I have FINALLY had a true Southern meal. Everything about this restaurant, from food to staff is what makes Allean’s such a phenomenal place. 

Allean’s is owned and cultivated by husband and wife team, Tim and Tonya Wright. They named the restaurant after Tonya’s late mother, Allean. The duo also combined the cooking styles and recipes, handed down to them by their mothers and grandmothers before them.

After briefly meeting with the owner’s it is clear to see that they have deeply rooted beliefs in upholding strong family values, and have no problem welcoming in new family members, which is exactly what you’ll become before you exit… So, what better way to bring family together than a delicious home cooked meal? 

Allean’s has a vast menu that offers only the freshest ingredients and each meal is made to order. My personal favorites were the Flounder, fried chicken/turkey wings, and of course the potato salad, among other thanks, to include a kid’s menu and homemade desserts.

Now, I don’t know about you but I have never really been a big fan of Bar-B-Q but I have to admit that I made quite the exception when it came to Allean’s ribs. They even serve burgers, in which you may build to your liking…for us it was a “Breakfast” burger topped with crispy bacon and hard fried egg with a side of crispy fries. 

The staff at Allean’s falls nothing short of an extended family. They showed true Southern hospitality, which never waivers from the time you walk in the door to the time you leave (Which I NEVER wanted to do). 

Allean’s Southern Cuisine is located in Lake Carolina’s Harborside Town Center at 5 Lake Carolina Way, in Suite number 130. They are open for Lunch and Diner services Wednesday thru Sunday, with the exclusion of major holidays.

You can also find them on the web at Allean's Southern Cuisine, or you may “Like” them on Facebook. There is very little room to dine in, so take out would be best for large groups. You may also arrange to have your special events catered. 

Allean’s Southern Cuisine, a taste of a real Southern kitchen.

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