One of the Most Fascinating Building in Rome "Quirinale Palace"

One of the Most Fascinating Building in Rome "Quirinale Palace"

If you have ever wondered where the Italian president lives, it is here, at the Quirinale Palace on the aptly named Quirinale Hill. Originally intended as a holiday home for Pope Gregory XIII, the palace may be the home of the current president but for many centuries, it was the summer residence for whoever was Pope at the time. It was only midway through the last century and when Italy has unified that the occupant was suddenly the president, rather than the pope.

A private tour of Quirinale Palace provides a fascinating insight into the grandeur and royal-like side of Italian culture, not to mention the visual masterpiece waiting to be uncovered behind the exterior. Impressive paintings, intricate sculptures and decadent furniture adorn every room of this extravagant palace, while major staircase takes prominence beneath chandeliers inside the main entrance. Exploring these historical remnants with the assistance of a private tour guide will help you understand the intriguing story behind this iconic landmark in Rome.

And then there are the luscious surroundings, for stunning gardens are to be found which offer a collage of color and unrivaled panoramas of Rome. Although these gardens have changes in shape and style throughout the years, the myriad of influences inevitably emphasizes the beauty of their appearance and add to what is already a hugely exciting encounter.

Things to know about the Quirinale Palace

Each Sunday you can see the changing of the guard at the palace which is situated on the Piazza del Quirinale. While there are means to take the metro to the outside of the palace, it is best visited on a private tour, and the palace is only open for these tours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or between Friday and Sunday.

Private Tour of Quirinal Palace Rome

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