My Experience of some Guided Tours in Paris France

Paris France

My friend and I are always in for crazy things to do on a vacation or city break. So we decided to book some Paris tours via The tour with the vintage car was fantastic and a perfect My Experience of some Guided Tours in Paris France. Great to drive around in a convertible 2cv with the French flag on it. The car was one of the best guided tours in Paris they picked us up from our hotel and actually drop us off at the hotel again but we had asked if the guide wanted to drop us at the Eiffel Tower. This was absolutely no problem for us.

At the agreed time our car and guide stood in front of our hotel. Really a great comfortable car, such a small sweet car. You are sightseeing in that car so people started spontaneously waving, this made the tour unique. Our guide was a real Parisian, very friendly and informative. We started our trip at the Arc de Triomphe and we were ready to enjoy one of the top tours in Paris.


The Arc de Triomphe building is located on one of the busiest traffic squares in Paris. And busy means really busy, what a lot of cars. What we did not know but our guide did, of course, you can go on top of the building, which is 50 m high and enjoy the view. We thought we are here now so why not, I definitely recommend this when you do Paris France tours.


Through the Arc de Triomphe, you pass the Champs-Élysée, You can drive or walk over there, there are numerous shops and restaurants but you need a bag full of money to consume something, it was very pricey. Our road continued to Notre Dame. When you arrive the Cathedral is very impressive and our guide had so much to tell that we decided to go inside anyway as he was telling us it was on the list of the Best excursions in Paris.


The film of the hunch back of Notre Dame- Quasimodo and Esmeralda was right about Notre Dame, the windows inside the cathedral give a spectacular light show from inside, you just have to look at it. Because we were caught for time we went on to the Montmarte, the artists' district of Paris. Our guide swung us through the small streets, squares, past the small houses ... so cosy and so much art to see. Our next trip to Paris I want to come back here again 100% it was a highlight on one of the best Paris tours that we did.


Our last stop the Eiffel tower, because yes if you are in Paris a visit to the Eiffel Tower is a must. Our guide had tickets for us to go up with the lift. Once upstairs you are assured of a great view, not recommended if you have a fear of height. Really spectacular we stayed here a while and we took our time to enjoy the views.


Fortunately, we were smart enough to reserve a table through the tour operator at the restaurant in the Eiffel Tower it was a great experience the food was excellent I would say a good ending for a great day and we were happy that we pre-booked our guided tours in paris France before we got there.

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