Explore the heart of ancient Rome "Capitoline Hill"

Explore the heart of ancient Rome "Capitoline Hill"

Seven hills make up the historical center of ancient Rome, and the highest of these is known as Capitoline Hill. Many important temples were constructed on in this area with the most prominent of them being Jupiter Capitolinus. A private tour of Capitoline Hill will include this landmark, and although it has been restored several times since it was first built in 509 B.C, Jupiter Capitolinus is an awe-inspiring temple which evokes a real sense of mystery upon first sight.

The ancient citadel, also known as arx, was located on the northern peak of Capitoline Hill and from here you can look down into the Roman Forum on one side, although this vantage point was renowned for a much more sinister reason.

While important state archives were kept in a building called the Tabularium here, this summit was also the point where convicted criminals were gathered and then executed by throwing them over the side of a steep cliff known as the Tarpeian Rock. Standing at the centre of this ancient Roman Empire with a private tour guide illustrating these chaotic scenes is an unforgettable experience and a great insight into such a pivotal point in world history.

Of course, Capitoline Hill was also the political centre of Italy at one time and then the centre for local government but it is also famous for other reasons as Michelangelo designed the plans for the staircase, the Piazza del Campidoglio at the top and the front of the Palazzo dei Conservatori, the  administration centre of the city. An iconic statue of the infamous Emperor Marcus Aurelius on horseback sits at the centre of the square and this statue is symbolic of the visual sense of history you can experience on this private tour of Capitoline Hill.

Infused with remnants of an enchanting past and some truly inspiring scenery,  a private tour of Capitoline Hill should be passed of any itinerary when visiting this ancient part of Italy.

Private Tour of Capitoline Hill, Rome

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