Explore Palazzo Massimo Alle Terme "National Museum of Rome"

Explore Palazzo Massimo Alle Terme

Would you be surprised to learn that the National Museum of Rome has branches? You probably would shrug and say ‘well, this is Rome!’ Indeed, National Museum of Rome is an attraction you won’t want to miss because it possesses the world’s single greatest collection of Ancient Roman art split up from its sole location on the complex of Baths of Diocletian across the city into three branches, namely Palazzo Massimo Alle Terme, Palazzo Altemps, and the Baths of Diocletian which include the Octagonal Hall.

However, if there is too little time to see them all and you have to pick one, Palazzo Massimo Alle Terme is a must-see.

Palazzo Massimo Alle Terme (National Museum of Rome)

Spare an afternoon of your time in Rome for a pleasant and informative private tour of Palazzo Massimo Alle Terme.

  • The second floor of National Museum of Rome
    The tour can be arranged based on your assigned entry time to the rooms on the second floor of Roman frescoes, stuccoes, and mosaics spanning the 1st century BC to the AD 5th century. Also up here are halls and rooms lined with incredible mosaic, among them the famous Four Charioteers standing with their horses in the four traditional team colors (red, blue, green, and white) that would run the races around the Circus Maximus.

  • The basement of National Museum of Rome
    Money! Money! The basement gives you a change of sight for 15-20 minutes. The exhibition here consists of two section: a rich coin collection, including extremely rare pieces such as the medallion of Theodoric, the silver piasters of the Pontifical State with views of Rome and the four ducats of Pope Paul II, and a section on luxury in the Roman world, featuring a rich selection of gems and jewels.

  • The ground floor and first floor - Statues and Sculptures
    Here displayed in front of you most are iconographic masterworks of expression and character from the Age of the Flavians to the late Empire, representing famous Romans and giving you an opportunity to put marble faces to the names of all those emperors and other ancient influential people. Meanwhile, admire two copies of the Discus Thrower by Myron in the section featuring the physical activities related to gyms and public baths.

No doubt that you will feel the whole tour of less than 3 hours is worth any penny and makes you feel your visit in Rome is complete.


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