Enjoy Baroque Atmosphere In Piazza Navona

Enjoy Baroque Atmosphere In Piazza Navona

Like all Roman piazzas, Piazza Navona was and still is a meeting place of people in Rome where centuries ago markets, processions, as well as mock naval battles, were held here whereas now it is a typical Baroque square full of open-air cafes and seasonal fairs. 

Enjoy Baroque Atmosphere In Piazza Navona

The rivalry between Borromini and Bernini in architecture and art resulted in numerous masterpieces of Baroque style in Papal Rome, many of those still inspires awe and attract millions of tourists to flock here every year. A private tour of Baroque architecture and art will satisfy your interests.

Famous for its three grand fountains, Piazza Navona presents you the combined works of Borromini and Bernini. It was Borromini who built this square on top of Domitian Stadium and the fantastic surroundings, but it was Bernini who accomplished the centerpiece of the plaza- Fontana Dei Quattro Fiumi – the Fountain of Four Rivers. What's more, is that Sant`Agnese Church built by Borromini lays the ground for Baroque and Rococo churches in Italy and elsewhere.

Feeling laid-back

Here you can truly feel laid-back and enjoy the street performances such as acrobats, jugglers, even a portrait by painters while sipping a cup of espresso.

 Piazza Navona in Rome Private Tours

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