Discovers World's Oldest Public Museums in Rome

Capitoline Museums Private Tours

Next to the Piazza del Campigoglio, you will find a series of art museums consisting of many treasures, monuments and artifacts that can be traced far back to the earliest times in the Roman Empire. Michelangelo designed this Capitoline Museums during the 16th century which is possibly enough reason to take a private tour Rome to the museums alone, although the contents inside are the real attraction of this famous landmark on Capitoline Hill in Rome.

What to see in the Capitoline Museums Museums

Originally built as a home for status given to the Romans by Pope Sixtus IV, you will also find the original monument of Marcus Aurelius on horseback in the museum, a replica of which is on the Piazza outside. Another highlight is the impressive sculpture of Romulus and Remus under an ominous wolf, while the art gallery has many works from formidable artists such as Titian, Caravaggio, and Rubens.

And then there is the marble sculpture of Medusa by Gian Lorenzo Benini, which has an aura of mystery to match the mythical powers she was said to have had held. However, there is one attraction which makes a private tour of Capitoline Museums memorable, The Dying Gaul. This incredible statue dates as far back as the 3rd century B.C and interestingly, Napoleon brought it with him to Paris in the eighteenth century before the statue was brought back to the Italian capital in 1815.

Although the above-mentioned attractions are amongst the most popular, many more artifacts, sculptures and impressive paintings can be found throughout the museums. Easily accessed by on a private tour, there is no good reason to omit these fascinating museums from your itinerary when you arrive.

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