Central Hub of Rome "Piazza Venezia"

Central Hub of Rome "Piazza Venezia"

Located next to the Capitol and where the most important streets in Rome converge, the Piazza Venezia is not actually a square but rather a major intersection. Once the home of Venetian ambassadors and aptly named after the nearby Palazzo Venezia, a private tour of this popular attraction will uncover the rich history behind the facades and the great importance of the area in general.

In the west you will find the Palazzo Venezia itself which was the centre of Mussolini's fascist government almost one hundred years ago and the location of the iconic balcony from which he made many rousing speeches to the people of Italy. Another important aspect of the Piazza is the monument “Unknown soldier” which commemorates the soldiers who were lost and could not be identified in the first World War.

And then there is the imposing monument of Vittorio Emmanuele which towers over the square and provides a memorable landmark for this important location. Although a Piazza Venezia is very different to the many quaint and relaxing squares around Rome, it is nevertheless one of the most worthwhile and makes it quite a unique attraction in the city.

It is possible to find public transport toward the Piazza Venezia intersection, but in order to find and understand the most important points of interest in the area, a private tour is always the best way to uncover this historic part of Rome.

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