Campo De' Fiori-a Piazza Without a Single Church

Campo De' Fiori--a Piazza Without a Single Church

With Vatican nearby and Roman Catholic is the dominant religion in Italy, one could say it is unusual that a famous place like Campo de' Fiori does not have a church. In fact, it is the only square in Rome without a church. Yes, you can call it a ‘lay’ corner of Rome.

Campo de' Fiori--A piazza without a single church

  • Transformation of day and night

A bustling and vibrant daily street market in the morning that transforms into a nightlife center in the evening and is packed with young people, Italians and foreigners alike, due to its numerous night clubs, Campo de' Fiori has it all.

During the mid-1400s the whole area was being recognized and paved by Pope Callistus III. With the renovation, the development of the area naturally followed and prominent figures started pouring in which in turn brought in more social and commercial activities such as horse racing and palios.

  • A dark aspect of Campo de' Fiori

Campo de' Fiori was infamous for its role as a place of public executions, despite the fact that it was also a center of prosperity and fun. On Feb. 17 of 1600 Giordano Bruno, a philosopher and Dominican monk, was accused of heresy and burned alive here. In the center of the square his statue commemorates this fact.

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