Visit the Land Down Under With an Awesome Private Tour of Australia

Visit the land down under with an awesome private tour of Australia, there are few places on Earth that are as vast, multicultural, affluent and bursting with splendour as the entire continent of Australia.  

Even though the famous Australian outback has become an iconic region that is easily recognisable and a must see, on a guided tour of Australia, you will see that there are many other attractions that should be experienced by every visitor. 

Most tourists book standard Australia sightseeing tours and don’t realise that it has dense rain forests that have luscious green foliage with mountains that beckon visitors to ascend to their summit, and remarkable canyons that stretch for miles.   

Despite what visitors might think, a private guided Australian tour isn’t only for those who are ready to ‘rough it’ out in the Outback there is so much more.  While the continent does appeal to nature enthusiasts, the cities and coastlines are home to some of the world’s most luxurious beaches, hotels and hot spots. 

Let the activities begin!
Kayak with the Dolphins in Majestic Byron Bay Group Tour
12 reviews

See dolphins, whales, and turtles in the Byron Bay Marine Reserve. Learn about the local/aboriginal history, surf the waves and dunk a Tim Tam on this fantastic half day trip.

From USD
3 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Queensland
Canyoning and Waterfalls Tour from Cairns
10 reviews

Want to experience a little more than the usual sightseeing tour? Immerse yourself in the fresh beautiful waters of Behana Gorge and come for a Canyoning adventure with us.

From USD
7 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Cairns
Perth Electric Bike ECO Tours
8 reviews

Explore the Swan Coastal Plain like never before. Take in the wonders of Perth’s unique Flora and Fauna and learn about the Aboriginal Culture as you glide along on E-bikes!

From USD
4 hours Scheduling Semi-Private Tour Perth
Sydney Private Tours Half Day with Opera House & Bondi Beach
7 reviews

Discover Sydney's most famous sights on your private half day tour. From the Sydney Opera House to Bondi Beach you will enjoy breathtaking views of this beautiful city.

From USD
4 hours Scheduling Private Tour Sydney
ZigZag Whitsundays Day Tour
5 reviews

ZigZag Whitsundays day tour visits the Whitsunday islands, Whitehaven beach, southern Whitehaven lookout, 2 snorkel locations and an island resort.

From USD
8 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Queensland
Sunset & Sparkle Sydney Harbour Cruise
4 reviews

See Sydney Harbour by dusk and enjoy the stunning Sydney landmarks and cityscape as the sun sets and the city lights come to life.

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79 customer recommendations
1 hours Scheduling Shared Tour Sydney

Australia's Awesome Top Ten Things to See and Do!

Great Barrier Reef
1 Australia’s gift, the Great Barrier Reef is with double a breathtaking sight and of the world’s largest coral reef's.   On your guided private tour you can experience the vast abundance of marine life with over 3000 reef systems to see and hundreds of picturesque islands calling you to their sunkissed beaches.   On of the worlds, most saught after sightseeing tours enjoy scuba diving, helicopter tours, snorkelling and even swim with the dolphins.    
Sidney Harbour Bridge
2 The Sydney Harbour Bridge climb with Private Tours is an experience you will never forget. The spectacular bridge spanning the city centre to the North Shore is instantly recognisable with its distinctive arch design. On a bridge walk guided tour you will see Sydney at its best from the Opera house to the blue mountains.  This experience is crazy and unique, and a must do if you are travelling to Australia.  
Kakadu National Park
3 Take a Private Tour of Kakadu National Park and see that there is a whole lot more to this wonderful place.  At almost 20,000sq km there is a lot to cover on your guided tour.  The amazing ancient rock art seen here will blow your mind as you guide relates their importance and history.  With an ever changing landscape, you never know what way your tour will go.  Cruise on billabongs and see the bustling wildlife and take a swim.      
Fraser Island
4 The locals call it K'Gari which means paradise and a Fraser Island Private Guided Tour will not disappoint.  The stunning blue freshwater lakes, giant sand dunes with enormous sandbars this island is incredible and something to see.  The island is unique in that it is the only place on earth known to have rainforests growing on the sand.  The freshwater lakes and mineral streams inland stretch out the beautiful sandy beaches a must see on your holiday down under.      
Uluru (Ayres Rock)
5 Uluru or Ayres Rock is the most recognisable sightseeing tour destination in Australia.  On your Private Guided Tour of Uluru, nothing will prepare you for the sheer size and solitary positioning of this wonder.  Towering at 348m high above ground this Goliath Rock is in fact believed to be only two-thirds above the earth making it astronomical in size.  All the sacred sited around the base are restricted to the public by Anangy Law.    
Sydney Opera House
6 The Sydney Opera House Private Guided Tour is great as you will discover why UNESCO has listed this iconic place.  The design is a masterpiece of creativity and shows the mastery of the building crew that worked on it.  On the Oprah House Tour, you will learn all about the Danish architect Jorn Utzon and see first hand his incredible vision.   Go backstage and see exactly what goes into hosting the many shows and Oprah's at this stunning site.     
Blue Mountains
7 Private Tour Blue Mountain trips will captivate you from the start.  The blue horizon of eucalyptus trees that appear as you enter seem to go on forever and will entrance you, but its natural beauty will captivate you.  87 miles of trekking walks and bushland see the fabulous rock formations and underground caves.  The local Aboriginal guides delight you will their dream stories.  It is a unique, amazing and beautiful tour.  
Great Ocean Road
8 Australia's most scenic drives, the Great Ocean Road is a sightseer's dream trip.   Take a self-drive tour and head off from Torquay to see the famous 12 Apostles and Port Fairy or any major city. The beauty of doing this journey is at any time you can go walkabout anytime anywhere.  See the kangaroos and koalas amble along the forests, zip-line through the treetop canopies.  Stop off and take a surf lesson the choice is yours and the trip is great.
Mount Wellington
9 In Tasmania's capital, Hobart is Wellington Park, a natural reserve park lots to see and do.  Take a walk through the forested gullies or head out on horseback to the Wellington Range.  Hire a bike or 4 wheeler to navigate your way through the rough mountain trails.  Take some R&R and have a BBQ or picnic.  There is so much to see and do here you time will be filled quickly, its a family fun day.        
Flinders Chase National Park (Kangaroo Island)
10 Flinders Chase National Park is characterised by it's tree-lined gullies, woodlands and gorges.  While on the Parks sightseeing tour you will see how the coast is wild and there is wind-worn seascape's where pounding seas have sculpted strange shapes in the limestone cliffs.  Take the private guided tour and spend five days traversing this great Park and see the spectacular beauty that this region has to offer.    
Visit the Land Down Under With an Awesome Private Tour of Australia

On an Australian Outback guided private tour you have the opportunity to witness culture and wildlife as it should be.  See the kangaroos in their natural habitat do their thing or watch the wallabies as they laze the day away.

To learn about the aboriginal traditions and if you are looking to experience Aboriginal culture and want to meet these beautiful people arrange it on your Australian Private Tour before you travel.

The Aboriginal people shy away from mainstream tourism but some specialised agencies can arrange tours for you, and you will see and learn about these fascinating cultural and traditional people.