Try the Surf in Surfers Paradise on a Gold Coast Private Tour

Try the surf in Surfers Paradise on a Gold Coast Private Tour, one of Queensland best-loved holiday regions, in recent years it has changed into what feels like a tropical version of Las Vagas. The main attraction in TGC on any sightseeing private tour is The Great Barrier Reef. By land or sea, it is, without a doubt, the most awe-inspiring spectacle on the planet. 

Surfers Paradise is a magnet for thrill seekers with some of the best surf in the world.  For beach lovers, it is a haven of a white sun-kissed beach with crazy water-sports.  With wildlife sanctuaries, skyscrapers and the famous Warner Brothers Movie World you will have many busy private tours in the Gold Coast. The shopping districts are cool, and you are guaranteed to get a bargain or two,  

The shopping districts are cool, and you are guaranteed to get a bargain or two.  The food here unreal and will delight every palette, great street food and unique restaurants serving everything from seafood to the best BBQ shrimp on the planet.

Let the activities begin!
The Great Barrier Reef
1 Get ready to see one of the most amazing natural wonders on the planet; The Great Barrier Reef on a sightseeing private tour.  It is one of the largest living structure's on earth, and if possible, a must see one time in your life.  3,000 coral reefs, 300 coral cays, 600 continental and mangrove islands you will have you spoiled for choice on deciding which guided private tour to take.    
Surfers Paradise
2 Surfers Paradise is a magnet for thrill seekers with some of the best surf in the world. For beach lovers, it is a haven of a white sun-kissed beach with crazy water-sports.  The skyscrapers in the background may not be all that attractive, but the views on and from the beach are very nice. At night the beach is lit up for the public to walk safely along after a nice dinner on the promenade.     
Sea World
3 Sea World, the largest marine park on The Gold Coast appeals to both young and old. The busy lineup of shows includes sea lions, performing dolphins and a water-ski ballet show.  On a guided private tour see some of the favourite animal species residing there including tropical fish, small sharks, polar bears and penguins.  After viewing all the marine creatures, the little water park is a great spot to relax with the kids.
Warner Bros Movie World
4 At Warner Bros, Movie World takes a guided private tour and come, face-to-face with some great entertainment and cool superheroes. Take a ride on a rollercoaster, watch the fab stunt shows or try a 3D interactive ride. The Looney Tunes Characters walking around the kid's zone are excellent and very attentive to the children.  This is a fun-filled day for all the family.   
5 Dreamworld is one of the Gold Coast's favourite theme parks - with an Australian twist. In addition to an exciting lineup of fabulous live shows, roller coasters, park hosts and movie characters, there are more than 500 native Australian animals.  Take a guided private tour and try some koala cuddling or kangaroo feeding and try a Dreamworld aboriginal corroboree.
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary
6 A favourite with families, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary private tour, is a public wildlife park and bird lovers are in for the beat treat when they visit here.  Hundreds of brightly coloured rainbow lorikeets will perch on your head and even eat from your hands.  The flight bird show is a must see and the adventure park is great for kids.       
Skypoint Surfers Paradise
7 Australia's tallest residential tower offers panoramic views of the entire Gold Coast area.  Visitors can choose from two sightseeing private tour attractions.  The SkyPoint Observation Deck on level 77 or the Sky Point Climbs to a 270m platform.  The views from the perch are undeniably spectacular, but it is not for everyone so think carefully before you decide, stop off for a drink at Level 77 and have a think.  
Coolangatta Beach
8 Coolangatta provides a more peaceful alternative to private tour packed Surfer's Paradise on TGC.  Loved for its gorgeous family friendly beach and shopping areas, many parents bring their children to Coolangatta to swim and splash on the shoreline.  Snapper Rocks and Kirra Beach are not far from here and are super for exploring.      

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