Amazing Amman Private Guided Tours to Jordans Desert Oasis

Amman was made the Capital of Jordan in 1921, with a special mix of old and new culture. It is situated on a hill across the desert. Amazing Amman Private Guided Tours to Jordans Desert Oasis are a must see overlooking the extraordinary scenery and Citadel. With amazing Amman Sightseeing Tours, you will see Roman Ruins, excellent Museums and Mosques. Amman has a residential district with cafes, bars, modern, malls and art galleries; East Amman is great for a traditional sensation of the Capital.  Read More...

Downtown Private Amman Sightseeing Tours of the Magisterial Citadel

Amazing Amman Private Guided Tours to Jordans Desert Oasis

The citizen’s of Amman are friendly, welcoming visitors on Private-Guided Tours, With its modern climate great for Sightseeing Amman Tours. There are lots of delightful and unique sights to see on Private Amman Tours.

Their cuisine is delicious starting with hummus, kebabs, lamb and many more wonderful tasty dishes; street food is also incredible you can get a shawarma wrap soaked in tahini sauce. Amman is an amazing city to visit to see all the historical sights on Guided Jordan Tours. The capital of Jordan, Amman, is a unique city to visit with the best Jordan tours. Jordan is a safe country to visit.

Jordan is also one of the oldest Christian communities in the world. Amman is one of the most accessible cities to enjoy the middle east experience. Downtown Amman is a must see with the city’s hills that are overlooked by the magisterial Citadel, with spectacular Roman ruins, an international-standard museum and mosques. Easy to sense the more traditional and conservative pulse of the capital.

Travel Tips for Amman Governorate

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