Unite Fun With Super Sunsets on a Private Tour of United Arab Emirates

Unite fun with super sunsets on a Private Tour of the United Arab Emirates or in one of its seven Trucial States; Abu Dhabi which is the capital, Dubai which is the largest state, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah and Umm al-Qaiwain.

The United Arab Emirates as a whole is at full throttle for development, home to many iconic skyscrapers including the tallest one in the world Burj Khalifa. The beach resorts are now world famous and there are many great places to take a family or romantic holiday with the Trucial States.

Even though the United Arab Emirates is regarded as a luxury and expensive destination and being very popular with many global celebrities, the normal average person can afford to have a fantastic time here too.

With lots of special offers, more airlines flying to here and frequent flights the prices have become reasonable so now everyone can enjoy the best holiday ever when taking a private tour to the fabulous United Arab Emirates.   Read More...

Unite Fun With Super Sunsets on a Private Tour of  United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is not just skyscrapers or fabulous beaches; there is great culture, heritage and natural sights to see and learn about.

Learn all about the country’s Bedouin past while on a private tour on a starry desert night or take sightseeing tours to see the many forts that were guarding the coastline long before the skyscrapers or take a guided tour of the Hajar Mountains where there is an adventure to be found.

Of course, let us not forget about shopping, how could we, when the biggest and most fantastic shopping Malls in all the world are found everywhere in the primary states.


Top 10 Things to See and Do in the United Arab Emirates

The Burj Khalifa
1 Take a guided tour of the United Arab Emirates most famous building and the tallest Skyscraper in the world. Find the sky high Burj Khalifa in Dubai where you can travel up to the highest observation deck in the globe. The panoramic views are spectacular, stunning and the whole experience is exhilarating. If you go to Dubai just to visit here, it will not be a wasted tour. 
Sheikh Zayed Mosque
2 On a sightseeing tour of Abu Dhabi, see the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. This incredibly beautiful and huge mosque is very modern. With a mixture of contemporary design and ancient craftsmanship the mosque blends modern and ancient styles and techniques to create a novel interpretation of Islamic architecture. The inside is as lavish with lots of gold, glass and marble placed perfectly and the exterior of brilliant white, it is stunning. 
Hajar Mountiains
3 Take a sightseeing tour to the Hajar Mountains that cut through the desert and creates the jagged and wild heart of the United Arab Emirates. There are twisting and winding roller coaster roads that connect tiny villages and the views are absolutely spectacular. See the picturesque wadis which are dry riverbeds; valleys while exploring the mountains by trek or hike. Great birdwatching opportunities too.
Sharjah Arts Museum
4 A guided tour to one of the United Arab Emirates most important museums dedicated to the countries art. There is a lot to see here such as a diverse collection of works by Arabic artists as well as important pieces by artists from other continents who specialised in painting the Arab world. There are also a number of terrific temporary exhibitions on throughout the year. A thoroughly enjoyable tour!
Al-Bidyah Mosque
5 Take a guided tour of the United Arab Emirates oldest mosque, Al-Bidyah in the Emirate of Fujairah. It is also the countries most important historic site. For history lovers and amateur archaeologists, this is a must as the surrounding area is an archaeological site where many artefacts of pottery and metal have been excavated. This beautifully designed mosque is made of adobe clay and a total contrast to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.
6 On a sightseeing tour of Dubai, you will see The Bastakia quarter of Dubai which is the last remaining part of Old Dubai before the modern intervention. There are narrow lanes that are lined with beautifully preserved buildings. These buildings are of typical Arabian architecture styles with wind tower features. Visit the various museums which are in the old buildings.
The Jumeirah Mosque
7 Another beautiful landmark found in Dubai is The Jumeirah Mosque. It is the only mosque in Dubai that allows non-Muslim guests visit six days a week. Women must wear respectful clothing and headscarf. The building is built in the medieval Fatimid tradition from white stone and the twin towers either side of the dome makes the mosque standout. 
Hili Archaeological Park
8 Take a guided tour of Hili Archaeological Park in Al Ain to see the combination of public garden and an archaeological site. It was developed to highlight the ancient monuments of Al Ain and to let tourists visit. Most of the monuments are if the Umm an-Nar period. The main attraction is Hili Grand Tomb that dates back to around 2000 BCE. It is built in a circular form and was the burial tomb of people from surrounding settlements
Al Jahili Fort
9 One of the top ten most historic buildings in the United Arab Emirates is the Al Jahili Fort in Al Ain and is a great place to take a guided tour. This picturesque Fort was erected in 1891 and was built to defend the city and protect precious palm groves. It is the former headquarters to the force that protected the mountain passes and kept the peace between tribes. The landscaped gardens are pristine and kept beautifully.
Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital
10 It is not until you take a guided tour of the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital, that you realise how integral Falcons are to the traditional Gulf culture. No expense is spared when it comes to restoring these magnificent birds to full health as anxious owners watch on. The Falcons are much loved in the United Arab Emirates. On the tour, you get to visit the Falcon museum, examination room and the free flight aviary.
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