Visit the Star Wars Set on a Private Tour to the Oasis City of Tozeur

Tozeur on a private tour and you see a perfect desert oasis whose claim to fame is that it was a Star Wars movie set.

Located in the south-west of Tunisia, Tozeur is an oasis situated between the large salt pan Chott el Djerid and the smaller salt pan Chott el Gharsa. It is one of those places whereby once you are there you do not want to leave.

This full of character and enchanting city is quite a bit different from the likes of Tunisia’s coastal cities such as Hammamet and Sousse. Apart from the obvious, it does not have beaches. This town is surrounded by palm groves that look amazing set in the desert sand.

The old town or Medina as they are called in Tunisia is the most atmospheric part of Tozeur, The bricks which are a unique pattern in the architecture is made from kiln-fired clay that was made locally. The narrow winding alleyways are full of little shops and very welcoming locals sitting outside their homes.

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2-Day Sahara Desert Camel Trek in Tunisia
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A visit to the Sahara desert is an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. It is a journey well worth the effort.

2 days Scheduling Shared Tour Tozeur
Chott el Djerid
1 Go on an exhilarating desert jeep safari to the largest salt pan in the Sahara, Chott el Djerid. During the winter when it rains this can fill with water depending on the amount of rainfall but during the summer it dries up completely leaving rather unusual but interesting patterns on the salt crust surface. There are excellent photo opportunities looking out over the horizon and mirages are seen more often than not.
Medina Tozeur
2 When on sightseeing tours to Tozeur, you really should make a point of touring Medina, the Old Town part of the city. Walk through the labyrinth of alleyways and admired the unique patterns of the bricks in the Tozeur architecture. There are many souvenir shops and traditional desert houses side by side and sometimes the houses are joined on the first floor by a covered bridge above the alleys.
Folk Museum
3 There is a quaint folk museum in the city of Tozeur that is housed in a building called the Koubba of Sidi Bou Aissa. It is very interesting because the traditional life of households in Tozeur is explained on a day to day basis through a series of exhibits. There are also displays of ancient Roman artifacts, local craft products, coins, pottery, Qur’anic inscriptions, furnishing and wedding costumes.  
Camel rides through the Tozeur Oasis
4 The Oasis in Tozeur is a very serene, peaceful and tranquil place. The date-palms shade the many pathways that wind through this lush green land. There are many great ways to experience this beautiful desert garden such as walking tours, camel rides, on horseback or horse-drawn carriage and even on a donkey. Be sure to explore the little hamlets that are found in the Oasis.
Mides, Tamerza and Chibeka Oases
5 From Tozeur, there are excellent day tours you can to places outside of the city and the Oases of Mides, Tamerza and Chibeka is one of those tours. Go with a desert jeep safari tour to see these oases that are located upland from Tozeur. Due to the wells from underground water deposits, the land is fertile and beautiful. On the jeep tour to the oases, you have to drive through hills and cliffs.  
Onk Jemel
6 Should you not be a massive Star Wars fan, it is still a good talking point to say you visited the movie set where Anakin Skywalker lived and raced in Star Wars the Phantom of Menace. Now an abandoned area, except for desert jeep safari tours to it, you can see the dome-shaped houses and other film set pieces. The area is surrounded by large dunes so you can have great fun on the jeep safari racing over them.  
El Hamma du Djerid
7 Not very far from Tozeur is another oasis called El Hamma du Djerid. On a sightseeing tour or while on a desert jeep safari tour, stop off here for the experience of the six hot springs and visit the four little villages. These hot springs have been used for hundreds of years for medicinal purposes due to the rich mineral deposits in the waters. They have worked wonders on many skin conditions such as eczema.
Zoo du Desert
8 Another place to visit outside of Tozeur is the Zoo du Desert. Again you can see this while on a sightseeing tour of the area or go by a desert jeep safari. Zoo du Desert is where you can see endemic desert animals and in the little Botanic Gardens called Paradis there are many oasis plants such as aloes cacti, henna, acacias and pomegranate trees. There is a very nice cafe to sit and relax in too.

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