Souks, Sights and Beaches, Island Hop to Djerba on a Private Tour

Island Hop to Djerba, Tunisia on a Private Tour and visit Souks, see sights and relax on sandy beaches, it does not get much better than that.

There are excellent transport links in Djerba which helps to make it easily reached from all over the world. Situated off Tunisia’s coast and in the mediterranean sea, this island is a jewel of the Mediterranean. The deep, cool, blue ocean water sparkles like diamonds and the glittering sandy beaches at sunset are certainly extraordinary sights.

Djerba is more than just a resort to relax and enjoy the sun, sea and sand; it has many other interesting places to explore and learn about its history and culture, traditions and cuisine.

Venture to villages that have stood timeless for centuries, visit Djerba’s major pottery center in Guellala, go on guided tours of museums or just take a sightseeing tour to see the fantastic landscape that this island has to offer.

Let the activities begin!
El Ghriba Synagogue
1 Take a guided tour to the El Ghriba Synagogue in Djerba which is a reminder of the lively Jewish community that has now all but disappeared. The history of this synagogue is much more impressive than the building. There is a story that says a holy stone fell to earth marking the site of religious importance. 33 days after Easter each year is North Africa’s most important Jewish pilgrimage and there is a festival held here.  
Houmt Souk Old Town
2 No visit to Djerba would be the same without a sightseeing tour to the labyrinth of narrow winding alleyways of Houmt Souk Old Town. The whitewashed houses that look so picturesque and then the vibrant, colorful shops all add character to this area. You can buy traditional handicrafts such as leather goods, jewelry, textiles, hand painted pottery and ceramics. Towards the sea end, you come upon the small fishing harbour.  
Djerba Explore Park
3 Visit Djerba Explore Park for an all in one sightseeing tour. The park, which is located 10 minutes from the islands main hotels and close to the airport, has five sections. There is the village for shopping, eating and drinking, the Lalla Hadria Museum, the Heritage, the crocodile farm and the fifth section is a charming hotel residence. It is an eventful and enjoyable day when you come.  
Folk Museum
4 In Houmt Souk, take a guided tour of the little folk museum that is located in an 18th-century Zaouia of Sidi Zitouni. The building has impressive stalactite designed ceilings that all add to the character of this folk museum. See the exhibits that preserve and explore the cultural traditions of the island that includes a room of old editions of the Qur’an. There is old jewelry that is intricate and delicate.  
Guellala Museum
5 For an insight into the traditional life and culture of the people of Djerba, then you must go on a guided tour of Guellala Museum. There are exhibits that recreate what a family meal would be like or a wedding celebration traditions that are still the same today. There are many artifacts, art, clothing and musical instruments to see. On the way out there is a nice coffee shop to relax in.
Bordj El Kebir
6 Since the 13th century, a fort has looked out over the harbour of Houmt Souk’s and that is still the same today. This Fortress, the Bordj el Kabir was built in the same spot as other forts before it during the 16th century by the infamous corsair Dragut. In the 1960’s a large restoration job was done to help preserve it. There are exceptional views to be seen when you walk up to it.  
7 Take a sightseeing tour to the village of Guellala which is the main pottery centre of Djerba. Along the main street, ceramic workshops display all their fabulous wares to visitors. A traditional ceramic product from Guellala is an unglazed jar that you would use for storage that is modeled on ancient amphora. When you learn about the long process that these craftspeople do to produce such ceramics, you appreciate them more.
Plage Sidi Mahares
8 After lots of sightseeing tours, you need a place to relax and soak up the sun and Plage Sidi Mahares is just that place. It is the oldest beach resort on the island and therefore is the most developed. There are many enjoyable and very tasty restaurants and cafes that run along almost all of the length of the beach which is 13 km. At the end of the beach is an old fashioned lighthouse.    
9 Midoun is the largest market town of Djerba that is beautifully surrounded by fruit orchards and date-palm groves. When you are in Djerba, you should take a sightseeing tour to Midoun on a Friday and experience the buzz of the Friday market. The Medina is as full of character as any other medina in Tunisia with narrow laneways, whitewashed houses and gorgeous buildings.
10 When you are staying in Djerba and would like to experience the desert, the closest place to do this is Nefta. On a day trip, you can go on a sightseeing tour to this desert oasis town. From here you can go on camel rides or jeep desert safaris to have that desert experience. There is a stunning canyon called Selja Gorge with amazing scenery that is easily accessed from here too.

Travel Tips for Djerba