Old and Authentic, Lively and Exciting All on a Private Tour of Sousse

When you are on a private tour of Sousse, you have the choice of old and Authentic or lively and exciting places to see or things to do.

Sousse is on the East coast of Tunisia nicely perched on the coast of the glistening Mediterranean Sea. It is quite a popular tourist resort and when you are here, you can understand why.

This city has found a way to nicely blends the old with the new and therefore give tourists lots of different types of holidays.

History and culture are very important here and there are many sightseeing tours or guided tours to keep culture lovers and amateur historians very happy for the duration of their stay.

There are also luxury resorts, sandy beaches, lots of exciting water activities, excellent shopping facilities and bargains, delicious restaurants and a very lively nightlife that caters for the young adults or relaxing atmospheric cafe bars with live music for anyone else.

Let the activities begin!
1 The Ribat is a major landmark in the city of Sousse. During the Aghlabid dynasty, 800 fortifications were built along the Tunisian coast and the Ribat is just one of a small few surviving today. It is one of the best preserved along with the Ribat of Monastir. The thick walls were protection from invasion. Warriors who were called 'religious warriors' because they were devoted to religious duties in peaceful times, lived here.
The Medina in Sousse
2 Every city in Tunisia has a Medina which is an Old Town quarter in the city. The Medina of Sousse has beautiful examples of Arab architecture that have been preserved so well they are almost entirely unchanged from the day they were built centuries ago. All Medinas have walls surrounding it and in Sousse, the walls were built in AD859. You are brought through the narrow lanes occupied by house dwellers and shop owners on a guided tour.  
Sousse Archaeology Museum
3 After the Bardo Museum in the city of Tunis, the largest collections of antiquities is found here in the Sousse Archaeology Museum. The major exhibits are from the Roman, Early Christian and Punic periods. When you visit on a guided tour, you should make sure you have given yourself enough time to see everything. You can spend a good few hours mesmerized with all the interesting exhibits, pieces and mosaics.  
4 One of Sousse’s grandest monuments is the Kasbah which is an earlier Byzantine fortress that was built in AD 859. It has a tower called Khalef el Fata which is 30m that is the oldest tower in North Africa still standing. From the platform which is 50m above the Ribat, you can see the best views of the Medina. The Kasbah took over the military role from the Ribat and the tower is used as a lighthouse.  
Sousse Great Mosque
5 The Great Mosque in Sousse is like a fortress which was built in AD 851. The design was inspired by the Mosque in Kairouan. This is an exquisite place to visit on a guided tour and should not be missed. There are many intriguing and unusual features such as the external staircase from the courtyard to the minaret. There are very elaborate Kufic Friezes and a colonnade of tall horseshoe arches.
Catacombs of Sousse
6 Take a sightseeing tour to the Early Chrisitan catacombs which were discovered in 1888. It is a large complex of underground passages and chambers that is like a maze. Three of the four main shafts have been excavated and any of the wonderful artifacts found are now in the Sousse Archaeology Museum. There are only certain sections of the catacombs open to the public. This is a great place to see.
Port el Kantaoui
7 For the perfect sun and sea holiday, go to Port el Kantaoui which is a purpose built resort. this large complex has been open since 1979 and its construction was inspired by the cute village of Sidi Bou Said which is near Tunis. There are pools, private beaches, a shopping center, cafes, restaurant and lottos sport facilities.
Sousse Market
8 There is a great Sunday Market that caters more to the locals in Sousse, but as a tourist, it is still a wonderful place to experience. It is located near the Catacombs and sells everything from livestock, spices, fresh produce, crafts and souvenirs. This is where you get the true experience of Tunisia.  

Travel Tips for Sousse