Visit the Quaint ‘Riviera ‘of Tunisia on a Private Tour of Hammamet

Referred to as the quaint and beautiful ‘Riviera’ of Tunisia, take a private tour to the city of Hammamet. A city that is nicely sandwiched between the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea on the east side of Tunisia.

Hammamet is a very popular tourist destination in Tunisia and this is mainly due to Hammamet having exotic, sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters of the cove on the Cap Bon Peninsula. It also has great resort facilities and lots of excellent and adventurous water activities for tourists who like to do more than relaxing and lazing on the beaches or beside the pool.

There is also a very well preserved Medina, Old Town, which is the ideal way to get an idea of the traditions and cultures of the local people. Like all other Medina’s in Tunisia, this one is charming, atmospheric and a maze of laneways and narrow alleyways that seem to lead nowhere but go everywhere!

Let the activities begin!
Medina / Old Town
1 The Medina in Hammamet has 15th-century walls surrounding it that are still original. As you walk around on a sightseeing tour, you can see just how much of the traditional Tunisian architecture has been very well preserved. Be sure to stay with your tour guide as the Medina is a maze of winding lanes and narrow alleyways. It is the best place to pick up a few souvenirs such as ceramics, leather good and even carpets.
Great Mosque in Hammamet
2 To get a more close up look at traditional Tunisian architecture, take a guided tour of the Great Mosque which you can find in the Medina. The Great Mosque was original built in the 15th century and restored back to its original condition in 1972. Additional to the Tunisian architecture, there is an example of excellent Islamic architecture in the form of the rectangular minaret that towers over the Great Mosque.
Villa Sebastian, Hammamet Cultural Centre
3 Villa Sebastian is an ancient landmark in Tunisia which is home to the Hammamet’s cultural center. It is also a theater, concert venue and architectural building. The building itself is luxurious and was built by a rich Romanian, George Sebastian, in the 1920’s. There are beautiful gardens where Hammamet's annual International Festival of Music and Drama is held during the months of July and August.
Kasbah a Fort in Hammamet
4 When you go on a sightseeing tour of Hammamet, make sure you get to see the Kasbah. This is a fort that was built in the 13th century. This fort may not be as well preserved as other forts in Tunisia, but you can still climb the ramparts where you are met with some of the most picturesque views of Hammamet. There is also a museum which tells you the colorful history of pirates and Spanish occupation.
5 In the Cap Bon Peninsula region of Hammamet, you can visit its largest town Nabeul on a sightseeing tour or just wander around yourself after spending the day on the long sandy beach. There is a great Friday Market which is mainly for locals as there is a lot of fresh produce being sold from local farmers but there are stalls where you can pick up souvenirs, crafts or clothing. The prices are much lower in the market.
Roman Ruins of Pupput
6 For a glimpse of life in ancient times take a guided tour to the Roman ruins of Puppet which is not too far from the city of Hammamet. This is not one of the biggest excavations sites in Tunisia, but it is still well worth a visit when you are in Hammamet. There is a fascinating collection of mosaics, baths and a residential area. The best feature found here is the House of the Figured Peristyle.
7 Another archaeological site to visit on a guided tour is the site of Kerkouane which is located about an hours drive from Hammamet. It was only in 1952 that this site was discovered and it is believed to have been a settlement by the Phoenicians from the 6th century BC. By now, after much excavation, you can see that the town was in a horseshoe shape. It is a great place to visit and see marbled floored houses and mosaic decor.
Diving in Hammamet
8 The waters along the coast of Hammamet are so crystal clear; it would be a shame to not take advantage and do on any of the many diving activity tours available. There is snorkeling and scuba diving tours to excellent locations to see the best of the underwater life. There are relaxing boat tours to relax and watch the world go by or alternatively take part in the other activities such as water skiing or jet skiing.

Travel Tips for Hammamet