Kairouan on a Private Tour for Mosques, Tombs and Candy-colored Doorways

A private tour of Kairouan will lead you to see Grand Mosques, ornate tombs and candy-colored doorways in the Medina.

Situated in Tunisia’s inland desert towards the north, Kairouan is an important religious pilgrimage site and it is referred to as being the fourth holiest city of Islam after Jerusalem, Medina and Mecca.

This city was founded in 670 and it has so many historical sites, landmarks, Great Mosques and architectural wonders that it is listed under the UNESCO World Heritage organization.

As this city is surrounded by land or desert, Kairouan is a place where you can spend a lot of time going on sightseeing tours due to the number of fascinating places, especially if you are interested in history, religion, architecture and archaeology.

There are beautiful hotel resorts where you can spend time relaxing by the pool, fantastic restaurants with delicious mouth-watering cuisine and enjoyable bars and cafes for somewhere to go in the evening time.

Let the activities begin!
The Great Mosque
1 When you are in Kairouan, you must visit the oldest Islamic building and the most important in North Africa on a guided tour. Built in  AD672, this building and its architecture was the inspiration to many large Mosques in Tunisia. It is very large hence the word ‘Great’ in its title and has a courtyard. There is a lot to admire and although non muslims are not allowed in the Prayer room, the door is usually open for you to peek.
The Medina
2 Kairouan, like almost every city in Tunisia, has a fantastic Medina to see on a sightseeing tour. Medina’s in Tunisia is the name given to the Old Town section of the city. This one is very atmospheric and colorful as most of the doors on the narrow winding alleyways are painted in varied bright colors. It is surrounded by brick walls with numerous towers built in the early 18th century. The architecture everywhere is beautiful.
The Barber’s Mosque
3 Located in the Medina, the Barber’s Mosque is another excellent place to take a guided tour. Within the complex is a mausoleum, a madrassa which is an Islamic school and a mosque. It was built, over the tomb of a companion of Muhammad who died in AD685, during 1629 and 1692. There are stunning forecourts, courtyards, fountains, a prayer room and spectacular tile decoration all to be admired on your visit.
Aghlabid Basins
4 Take a sightseeing tour to the Aghlabid Basins which was an area that supplied water for the Aghlabid palace that is not there anymore. There is a small basin which was the settling tank and from there the water flowed into the larger basin. In the larger basin is the base of a pavilion where Aghlabid rulers would use to relax. In 1969 the basins were restored to their former glory and another pool was discovered.
Souks in Kairouan
5 You can find the Souks quarter in the Medina on a sightseeing tour. This is the shopping area and it feels more like a bazaar than a street of shops and workshops. The area was built in the 17th and 18th centuries and to this day it is where you will find Kairouan’s traditional craftsmen. The best thing is you can see the craftsmen at work. It is also the best place to buy little bits and pieces for souvenirs.  
Islamic Museum Kairouan
6 A presidential palace that was built in 1970 is where yo will find the Museum of Islamic Art. The beautiful park and palace are interesting enough, but then you enter the interior and see some of the most amazing exhibits. There are reproductions of mosques, old prints and views of other towns, old Koranic inscriptions, coins from lots of dynasties and a variety of pottery. You need a guide for this tour as all exhibits are in Arabic.  
Zaouia of Sidi Abed el Ghariani
7 The Zaouia of Sidi Abed el Ghariani is a very ornate tomb which is dedicated to a 14th-century holy man who lived in Kairouan. This is an excellent guided tour especially if you are interested in traditional Arabic artistry and decoration. There are stucco ceilings, fine wood, spectacular tile work that impressively decorates the walls and a splendidly decorated inner courtyard.  
Mosque of Three Doors in Kairouan
8 When you are Kairouan, there are lots of mosques to visit and the Mosque of Three Doors is another interesting one. It is among the oldest buildings in the city and was founded by an Andalusian scholar in AD 866. The most obvious attraction of this mosque is the facade with three doorways, hence where the name came from! Look out for the two Friezes which are of Kufic inscriptions.

Travel Tips for Kairouan